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STORM DAMAGE: Mahaska County Cleans Up

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In and around Oskaloosa, 60-70 MPH winds knocked down power lines and left behind a field of debris Sunday.

Today, people were busy cleaning it all up.

Outside of Jodie Stewart's home in the small town of Beacon, insulation litters the grass and metal siding hangs from the power lines.

"My yard was nice and pretty the other day,” said Stewart.

Windows are shattered and the roof is replaced with a tarp held on by tires found in the yard.

Stewart says it happened in a matter of moments.

"I watched the clouds come in real fast. It wasn't long after that the wind picked up and things started flying,” Stewart told Channel 13 News.

Down the road, Shirley Trainer says she's lucky two massive trees missed her home when they were uprooted and crashed to the ground.

"I had been dreading they might fall towards the house. They would have taken out the roof and the top story I imagine,” said Trainer.

Trainer’s yard is a mess but her home stands without a scratch.

"A lot of damage was done with roof being gone,” said Jamey Robinson, Emergency Manager of Mahaska County.

In Oskaloosa, the roof still hangs off the side of the medical center.

Robinson says it was a terrible storm at the best possible time.

"It happened on the weekend. No one was in there fortunately,” said Robinson.

Emergency crews are helping people clean up and utility workers quickly restored power.

Robinson says this storm is unlikely to warrant federal assistance, but there are options for people who don't have insurance.

"We have some other options through some local organizations that will put money into them getting back on track,” said Robinson.

Stewart will take any help she can get.

"I am not insured. I am fighting for my disability,” said Stewart.

Despite all of the damage, nobody was injured or killed in Mahaska County.

The storms knocked out power to 12,000 people which more than half of the county.

As of 5:30 P.M. Monday, power had been restored to all but 13 homes.