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STANDOFF FOOTAGE: Cops ‘Fired At Each Other’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Iowa Attorney General's Office says police were justified in gunning down a suicidal man. But questions remain over how they did it and whose lives they risked in the process.

On April 17th, police in Iowa Falls were called to a home on College Avenue on a report of a suicidal man. Five police officers later opened fire on that man, shooting 68-rounds, killing him.

Courtesy: Iowa Falls Times Citizen

Courtesy: Iowa Falls Times Citizen

Photos released Tuesday show 25-year-old Leighton Fitz holding a handgun and wearing body armor. In a second photo you can see a knife tucked into the body armor.

The Attorney General's Office says Fitz had assaulted his girlfriend. She ran from the house and called police, warning them that Fitz had several guns in the house and may be suicidal.

Facebook comment

After police arrived, Fitz posted on Facebook, "Let it be known, as of right (expletive) now I am barricaded (in) my house. Tired of being (expletive) over. Any officer will meet a heavily armed and armored man. I'm done."

It's because of that comment, Fitz displaying a gun, and refusing to comply with officers orders, the Attorney General's Office has ruled that the shooting was justified.

Read the Iowa Attorney General's Office summation

But now there are questions about the way police handled the situation and whether cops put other cops lives at risk.

Officers say Fitz came out this door with a gun in one hand, so they were forced to shoot him.

But apparently he wasn`t the only one who was armed and dangerous.

Cell phone video

Cell phone video shows state troopers and Iowa Falls police opening fire on Fitz. Police say Fitz never fired a shot at them rounds can be hitting near the officers` feet. Rounds also struck the building behind state troopers.

The video shows cops shooting at cops, missing each other by, in some cases, inches.

Andrew Bonin shot the cell phone video and saw Fitz get gunned down.

“He was like this because I know he threw his cell phone at police and he had his hands in like this and he was digging for something I think and the police said ‘pull your hands out so he goes like this and his hands get to right about here and then they start shooting him,” Bonin recounts.

Devan Miranda also witnessed the shooting.

“He was smoking a cigarette. They told him when he got done with his cigarette and threw his phone at them, and they told him to pull his hands out of his pockets. Put his hands up and they fired at him. I would guess after just a couple rounds he went down and they continued firing,” Miranda says.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, there were three officers positioned near a pick-up truck, six across the street from Fitz and another four behind the home and, witnesses say on the stairs between the home and garage. So when police opened fire, they were essentially shooting at each other with Fitz caught in the middle.

police crossfire

“There were shots coming from both directions, firing at each other really. I don`t know what they were thinking but...” Miranda adds.

Officers 'are lucky to be alive'

Combat veteran and NRA firearms instructor Zac Fox doesn`t know what they were thinking either.

“You could have cops shooting up other cops. I saw a couple rounds that were near hits so, I mean they`re lucky. They`re lucky to be alive,” the Fox Shooting Sports CEO said after viewing the footage.

Fox says when state police noticed other officers coming up the stairs, they should have spread out so there was no chance of officers hitting officers.

“That`s what your main goal is, is safety. You have to know your target and what`s beyond it. If you don`t it all goes out the window.”

Fox says the number of shots fired by police is also disturbing. The video shows Fitz getting hit and falling to the ground. But police continue firing a full six seconds after Fitz is down. In total, 68 rounds were shot.

Family members tell us Fitz was struck 17-times.

“After they shot him, the cops were running around, they were high fiving, congratulating each other. It was like a party,” Miranda says.

Bradley Mayland is Fitz`s stepbrother. He has the keychain Fitz had in his pocket when he was shot. It has at least three bullet holes in it.

“He was on the ground when they were still firing on him. That doesn`t make sense to me. He`s on the ground, why are you still firing?” Mayland asks.

'Pretty much a firing squad'

“This ain`t a video game.   They can just, `hey we can unload our weapons on this. We finally get a situation to unload all of our weapons.’ It just doesn`t make sense. Why does it have to be my brother that`s laying there on the cold concrete?”

With officers just feet from his brother, Mayland wonders why they didn`t use some none lethal way of arresting Fitz like a Taser or tackling him.

“That`s less than 15 feet. There`s two there, there`s three on the steps. His attention was pointed towards the road. What`s it take for those five officers to come up, grab him, take him to the ground?” Mayland asks.

Instead, Mayland says his brother wasn’t just gunned down, but murdered, he says, by police.

“It was pretty much a firing squad.”

After Fitz was shot, police say they found a loaded rifle by his front door and a high powered rifle upstairs near a window. Investigators believe Fitz may have been planning a gun battle with police.


  • Coffee Pot

    1 out of 4 shots hit their target. Most of them were when he was on the ground apparently. Please don’t send these expert marksmen to our neighborhood if something happens.

  • yolo

    HAHAHA those are the same guys who claimed he was unarmed and didn’t have any guns on their facebook profiles when they were clearly not very credible witnesses. Take them with a grain of salt and a huge one at that.

  • Coffee Pot

    I would say, it’s ok to shoot someone in your own defense or of another, but six seconds of shooting after he’s down is not self defense. I would think that they need to put every officer out there back on the range and if they can’t shoot, get em off the street. 1 in 4 bullets isn’t a very good average at 25 feet. They should be able to hip shoot that close.

  • Reality Awareness

    One thousand one. One thousand two. One thousand three. One thousand four. One thousand five. One thousand six.

    Six seconds of shooting a person on the ground.

    Each shot after the man hit the ground was attempted murder and should be prosecuted as such.

    Six seconds.

    • Me

      In analyzing this particular incident each officer’s decision to fire their weapon must be viewed independently. In the instant an officer has to make a decision to shoot he must process the situation and circumstances before him in his own mind independent of other officers. The decision must be made in an instant at the time the threat is perceived. In other words there is no time to consult other officers concerning a decision to shoot or not shoot. The total number of shots fired by the 5 officers does not correlate to the threat each of them faced when Fitz drew his gun. Whether there is one officer or many is of no consequence to the single decision of each officer. Each officer facing the same threat under the same or similar circumstances possesses an equal justification to use deadly force. In this particular incident, each officer was objectively reasonable in firing their weapon to neutralize the threat posed by Fitz. It is unreasonable to conclude that each officer be required to count the number of shots fired by other officers perceiving the same threat in making a determination as to whether or not he should continue firing.

  • Amazing

    Cell phone video from someone who was over 2 blocks away on a roof
    Not to mention, everything was blocked off and nobody was allowed to even get close to the scene.
    Tackling someone with 3 guns and a knife it’s not an option.
    Nor can you use a tazer on someone with a bullet proof vest on

    Furthermore the majority of these eye witnesses aren’t known for their
    law abiding nature.

    Last, I’ve not seen an official report of how many shots were fired or how many hit him and until I do, I’m not believing these supposed experts.

    Officers were positioned at different points as is stated. BUT only 5 officers shot. It doesn’t state where those 5 officers were.

    Guess people would think differently had he opened fire on innocent people before the cops got there, killed his girl friend or worse yet went to the school and started shooting there.
    Then people would complain that cops don’t do their job

  • DrBubba

    I didn’t think the police state would come so close to home. this is rediculous. 68 shots to bring down this guy. EXCESSIVE FORCE FOR SURE!

    • Me

      In analyzing this particular incident each officer’s decision to fire their weapon must be viewed independently. In the instant an officer has to make a decision to shoot he must process the situation and circumstances before him in his own mind independent of other officers. The decision must be made in an instant at the time the threat is perceived. In other words there is no time to consult other officers concerning a decision to shoot or not shoot. The total number of shots fired by the 5 officers does not correlate to the threat each of them faced when Fitz drew his gun. Whether there is one officer or many is of no consequence to the single decision of each officer. Each officer facing the same threat under the same or similar circumstances possesses an equal justification to use deadly force. In this particular incident, each officer was objectively reasonable in firing their weapon to neutralize the threat posed by Fitz. It is unreasonable to conclude that each officer be required to count the number of shots fired by other officers perceiving the same threat in making a determination as to whether or not he should continue firing.

      • Deadmanwalking

        They went in as a group and fired as a group, to view each individual as an individual does not apply, they were all playing the same game and showed little restraint when it came to “their mob mentality”. Putting makeup on a pig does not change the fact that it is a pig.

  • Me

    After reading the entire Attorney General’s report, it’s clear to me that none of you above this comment have. Please do so before you spout off like you know.

    • Deadmanwalking

      How accurate is the AG report? Our govt officials spread disinformation with every stroke of their pen, to rely solely on government information is reckless. Police indirectly shooting at one another by means of cross fire is very poor judgement at best. If this is the kind of judgement that was present at the scene, why would you trust anything that comes out of their mouths? Clearly dysfunction should be considered.

      • Me

        For you conspiracy theorists, nothing is right unless it conforms to your conspiracy. There’s no arguing with people like you. I get angry at myself for trying. But that anger at myself is tempered by the anger I have for nut jobs who blame government for everything that’s wrong and believe all police are guilty and perps are innocent. The whole situation is sad, but it comes back to one person, and that’s Leighton Fitz. Whatever haunted him that day was his undoing. His death is not on the police who were doing their job protecting the community, they were just the bringers of what he wanted.

  • Deadmanwalking

    Barney Fife was only allowed to have one bullet for a reason. Fascism look it up.
    This reminds me of the African American woman in Des Moines that displayed a butter knife to police, so they shot her 12 times… Would you boys like some toast? Bang!

  • IOWA

    WHO and Aaron Brilbeck should be ashamed for the inflamatory reporting and misrepresentation of the facts they presented in this article. To start with the position of the officers in the diagram is grossly inaccurate. The phrases “gunning down a suicidal man” and “not the only one who was armed and dangerous” are only cheap shots directed at the officers involved in an attempt to create mistrust and conflict between LE and the public. The men and women involved in this tragic incident are brave professionals who have committed themselves to serve and protect their community.

    • Deadmanwalking

      News agencies are not required by law to report the truth. Good verses evil is the basis for all the delusions in our society, the deciding variable depends on which side of the ball your on. I have yet to meet a human being that didn’t harbor some form of delusion. Violence creates violence and yet violence is always the only alternative. Denial, whether for or against, is still denial. This is a clear case of suicide by cop.
      At what point does violence become a self fulfilling prophecy? When in your haste to subdue your so called enemy you inadvertently fire at the people on your side.
      Friendly fire should never be the product of a lawful execution of the law. Luckily no officers were injured by their own recklessness.

  • Coffee Pot

    Ok everybody I got it. You need a doctorate before you can be a witness. Nobody but the cops can count the bullets they put into a down guy. We should ignore the cops shooting at each other and don’t even notice bullets whizzing by, because they are the experts on when enough is enough. Their 3 months of high tension book reading at the academy is enough for anybody. Nobody should notice a three minute investigation by the AG is enough to satisfy anyone.
    Anyone that can’t hit a human target in 20 feet of them is ONE BAD SHOT.
    Ignoring everything else, we don’t hate all cops, but not everything cops do need to be defended. I know after they get their 3 months training they are automatically promoted to Jedi of the street. But when they do stupid things, they should at least learn from it. Or be fired if they did wrong. Or be charged like normal people would be. It just gets old, when they see how many bullets a human body will hold. You know he was down and they were still shooting. Looks like one jumped the gun and started firing and the rest joined in. But when is enough enough?

  • Lacey

    I am from the Iowa Falls area and unfortunately these “witnesses” and family members have been in trouble with the law themselves, one of them very recently. So I wouldn’t say that their accounts of the situation are reliable at all. Not too mention that the whole area was blocked off for several blocks around so I’m sure what they “witnessed” was not too much. As for saying the police officers involved were high-fiving and congratulating each other? You can’t be serious. I’m sure the family of the subject is devastated but I also know that the officers involved have been having a very hard time dealing with this as well. It is unfortunate that this had to happen but it was what needed to be done to keep the most people safe.

    • Coffee Pot

      so how were they in trouble with the law, because all I can find is speeding, dark windows and basically nothing of importance or current, that they deserve this. Their cell phone showing bullets hitting behind cops, means they aren’t too far away, and neighborhoods don’t need 68 rounds of a high powered rifle going thru it. I would think the cops involved aren’t too happy with bullets being fired at them too. And as far as I know, cops are still human so they can be capable of anything including high fives.

  • Adam

    WHO and it’s employees should be embarassed on their coverage of this story, as well as Mr. Fox the “combat vet” and NRA Instructor. As some one that is very familar with what took place, the shot that is seen by the feet of that trooper was actually in excess of 15 feet from him. Looking at the cell phone video it looks to be closer but it actually was not. The way the WHO has slanted this story should be criminal. As for the witnesses, Devan Miranda may have still been high from his possesion of marijuana charge he got the previous day, just a thought. I feel for the family, but I also find it interesting that several family members were aware of what was taking place that morning and early afternoon with Leighton, yet none of them were present, none of them asked Law Enforcement if they could assist in any way, none of them had alerted law enforcement, mental health or tried to intervene in any way. I would also ask Mr. Brilbeck if he confirmed with law enforcement or the medical examiner’s office how many times Leighton was hit. Several people are so quick to condemn law enforcement and they have yet to get the factual information. As for the brother Brad, I feel for your loss, but you claim that you are a witness, where were you? Did you tell an officer you were there and ask to help in any way? Did you offer to make a call to Leighton to see if he would answer your call, because he wouldn’t answer the phone for law enforcement. Mr. Brilbeck should have really gotten confirmation from law enforcement before putting the diagram out there that shows where the officer that shot were. It was horribly inaccurate, but I’m not surprised as that is the norm for Mr. Brilbeck and apparently WHO as a whole. Also I feel this was a waste of time to write as I fully expect WHO to censor this so that it is not seen by anyone.

    • Paul Orton

      This Miranda guy was there, were you? What makes your “opinion” any more credible than his?

  • Adam

    Didn’t say that Miranda wasn’t there just simply saying he may have still been high. I’m not saying my opinion is any more credible but I’m trying to base my opinion on fact and not rumor or speculation, unlike WHO

  • annonymous

    The Pope could have been a witness and the cops would try to discredit him. If Leighton wanted to shoot cops he would have stayed in side and did so…more than likely he would have been a 2nd better shot…I read the girlfriends FB and in 2012 she has friends offering to shoot Leighton. She states “not yet”. Why wasn’t police called for that threat. I do not believe anything these cops say..they are all covering each other’s butts..they know what they did is WRONG ! Talk about witnesses having brushes with the law ? One of the police officers wives is charged with embezzling from a sheriff’s cancer benifit..she was also a dispatcher…The other cops Father committed suicide and his step son killed himself in his home with a police issued gun…people think Leighton shot at police because rounds were hitting the ground..that turned out to be cops shooting at was wrong what Leighton did but it was far worse how the law enforcement handled this situation…far far worse..they are suppose to be trained officers…they are not. People are not gonna just brush this under the rug..This town observed an untrained police dep. Over react and execute a citizen.

    • Me

      Sorry. Maybe if small town cops were more used to assisting a person commit suicide they would have been better shots. Why does this drag on? Let it rest already! This guy got what he wanted and that’s dead.

  • annonymous

    One last thought…who high fives and hugs one another after executing a distraught man ??? That alone is absolutely sick, disrepectful and shows the mind set of these police officers.
    I personally commend WHO for reporting this story without any bias.
    This is America not Afghanistan and our police are hired to SERVE and PROTECT…not execute and celebrate like a winning score at a high school football game.

    • Me

      They protected. I know people who live near there and they were evacuated. These people didn’t want to day. The one who did, is dead. Your conspiracies aside, this played out exactly how it should have.

  • Adam

    Oh the high fives and hugs….. again from the Devan Miranda Gospel.. the ignorance is amazing

  • annonymous

    Miranda was NOT the only witness reporting high fives and hugs by police after executing a man.

  • Adam

    Really? Who are these other witnesses? I haven’t seen any others step up, and I also find it interesting that your local newspaper took a lot of photographs and not one depicts what Miranda or YOUR other witnesses say…

  • annonymous

    The newspaper in this town will not report or share photographs of anything that goes against the police dept. Several people witnessed what happened that day not just Miranda…just because they weren’t interviewed on t.v. doesn’t mean they didn’t witness it.
    As far as a photograph…many were taken and not all were published, the newspaper here is as incompetent as the police force that executed this man …exactly why people called in WHO and other news agencies. Police didn’t call them to come here..OUR citizens did because they knew how biased the news reporting around here is.
    Point being this… 68 bullets fired out of high powered rifles at one distraught man is uncalled for and wreck less at best. Then to find out only 17 actually hit him and the rest were strays is very disturbing…then to have witnesses(more than one (some interviewed on t.v. and some not) state they high fived and hugged after killing this man, is unacceptable in ANY form.

    • Me

      Wow! Can I have a bottle of what you’re drinking? A local smalltown newspaper has nothing to gain by printing falsehoods. TV news, however, stands to gain a lot in viewership (hence money) by dramatizing facts. You keep bring up the number of shots and the number of hits. You would complain if they were a perfect 68 of 68 or whatever number it was, wouldn’t you. And had I been involved, I would high five my fellow officer for the fact we survived and rid my town of a threat. If it hadn’t happened the way it did, somebody was going to die eventually at this guy’s hands. He had already strangled his girlfriend earlier in the day. And with the number of weapons and the mindset of this individual, it probably would have been murder suicide. THEN WOULD YOU PEOPLE BE HAPPY? There’s conspiracy and then there’s stupidity. You’ve embraced both.

  • annonymous

    You state Adam you go off facts…we’re you with Miranda when he supposedly got high? Were you present at the execution that day ? Do you live in this small town where people are profiled everyday by police ?
    I believe your ignorance is just as amazing.

  • annonymous

    We are citizens of America..This is not a war zone..A well trained officer could have shot one shot and took him down…not 68 by 5 different one called his family to calm him trained mediator was on scene to neutralize the situation . No goal was initiated for a peaceful ending ..they blew the guys face off for God’s sake…cops high fived and hugged one another after killing this man as stated by several witnesses. This is so shameful for our community. He needed help.The guy could have stayed in the house and started shooting cops if that was his intention. ..He didn’t have to come out in driveway …no matter’s wrong what they did. They didn’t protect or serve anyone except there own trigger happy ego’s. GUSTOPO tactics cops are using now a days needs to stop..There were other options available ! This is America not Afghanistan !!!

  • Adam

    68 shots and 17 hits? Where did you get these numbers? Miranda? The Family? The “other” witnesses? No I was not with Miranda when he got high I’m just basing this on the fact that he was arrested the day before for possesion of marijuana, but now you have me wondering if he just possessed it to be “cool” and maybe he never got high…. No one called his family? HE called his family!!! I didn’t realize your local paper was that biased but thank goodness WHO stepped in!!! WOW had they not… jeez just imagine the unfactual information that would be out there otherwise…

  • annonymous

    They use tranquilizers on animals.. but need 68 bullets on this one human !!!!! They have bean bag shots that could have taken him down. This was a firing squad with ego issues and that’s the bottom line. Then they run around and confiscate peoples phone’s…why ? I’m sure they had plenty of there own cameras rolling..where is that footage Adam ? They choose to use grainy cell phone footage instead..why Adam ?
    After he was hit with first bullet and on the ground…any shot after that was cold blooded murder!

    • Me

      DUDE! I would make sure a guy loaded with weapons is dead before I stopped firing! What’s your point here?

  • annonymous

    Your speculations about Miranda are NOT facts. You need to go read the report that is attached to this post. DCI reported how many shots were fired and coroner reported how many hits to the body. You really need to gather your facts.
    Your ignorance amazes me.

  • Marge

    I know the family. I agree this was murder/overkill. One bullet to the vest would have knocked him down. Many things cannot be discussed due to attorney’s involvement. The family was trying to get involved. 17 shots to kill a mentally ill person. The truth will come out in the future. Bless this family for their suffering, stop blaming them. Step back look at your family. How many have illness, mental or physical what have you done and how would you feel if they “snapped”? Perhaps the blame is with poor psychiatric care. I know several people with numerous guns, that don’t make them killers. Perhaps there is no solution I don’t know but this just not right answer. Who is next?

    • Me

      I agree that the mental needs of the State are not being met. But, it still takes somebody willing to get him the help. This guy reached out to family. This guy had the opportunity to help himself by surrendering. Instead, he choked his girlfriend and came out with weapons. So I ask you, where does the fault lay? Is it on the family for not getting him the help? Is it on the cops for doing their duty? Or is it on this guy who instigated the entire set of events?

  • Adam

    Tranquilizers? Duh to think that the local authorities weren’t smart enough to call the local Vet… WOW you are brilliant.. I do know they tried to get a hold of some ninja’s to come in and put him in a sleeper hold but they were unavailable. Which one of my facts about Miranda are incorrect? Also I have reread the attorney generals report and again I fail to see where it says he was hit 17 times…. Until you know the facts you should probably be quiet your ignorance could become contagious

  • Coffee Pot

    When they fire this many rounds into one guy, or at one guy, they are not there to keep the peace. After he hit the ground, they knew he was dead. If a regular person had done this to someone breaking into their house, it would be called murder, plain and simple. 68 shots and one guy at the end, emptying his gun into the guy is plain pathetic and that guy has problems in his head too. 22 cops and only 5 fired. There is some police officers out there that know this was overkill to say the least but every one of them won’t have the #!!! to say a word. Investigation takes two minutes of everybodys time and all they want to hear is from the cops. I would say a wrongfull death lawsuit is coming on this one. Meanwhile the sergeants are running around making sure everybody’s statement is exactly the same. Anyone thinking this is just another normal cop shooting has a little issue too. It bothers me these hero’s didn’t even know they were also shooting at each other. How professional is that?

  • Adam

    Hahahaha Coffee Pot you are an utter idiot.. If someone did this to someone who was breaking in to their house then GOOD FOR THEM!!! So are you saying that more cops should have fired?? I’m trying to understand your thought process here.. Are you thinking that 22 cops were standing in front of the guy? I certainly hope they weren’t. So are you saying that cops that did not have a shot should have shot?? The investigation took 2 minutes?? Have you talked to MIranda? Or maybe Brilbeck?? You gotta quit putting the booze in your coffee pot my friend.

  • Coffee Pot

    I’m saying 22 cops on site, some of them are probably not to happy with what happened. But they won’t say a word. So go give em a high five and a couple of attaboys and let me know when their ready to invade poland again.

  • Adam

    I highly doubt there was any high fives going on. If there was a showing of emotion it was probably thankfulness that there fellow officers and friends were OK. What won’t the 22 cops say? You know the ones that aren’t happy. I’m sure they’d be able to tell you facts, unlike Miranda, Brilbeck, Bonin or anyone else that we’ve seen on camera. Invade Poland?? Coffee Pot you aren’t even worth trying to make a point too. You are beyond ignorant.

  • Emily

    “Adam” last time I checked you have to be proven guilty to all charges before you get in trouble. As for Devan none of you know how it went down with him but yet you sure are quick to point fingers. Why don’t you point the fingers at Bonin for all the charges he has been charged with. What happened with Leighton was tragic but no one knew him but his friends and family so if your not one of them keep your comments to yourself. You certainly wouldn’t like it if it was your family or friend laying in that driveway now would you

  • Devan Miranda

    Adam, you dont know the first thing about me….. id bet you’re not man enough to talk like that to someones face. You’re probably scared they’ll turn around and knock that stupid out of your mouth. I was there and witnessed with my own eyes. I have no reason to lie about what I seen. It was pathetic.

  • Adam

    Oh Emily I have pointed out Bonin’s past as well. I love how you throw out the innocent until proven guilty but yet so many were ready to crucify the officers involved immediately. I agree 100% with you that what happened was tragic, terribly tragic. You say I should keep my comments to myself since I wasn’t friend or family, I would ask that the friends and family do the same if they’re not going to put out factual comments it only seems fair.

    Devan you are right I do not know the first thing about you other than was your online court record says. I can assure you given the chance I would tell you in person the same thing I’m saying here. I just think that you have seriously exaggerated what you believe you seen so you could get your 15 mins of fame. But that was your decision.

  • Devan Miranda

    Every eye witness will say the same thing that I did…. its what happened. The only people defending the police on this one are the ones who did not see it. I personally look at both sides… I understand that the police have to protect themselves and others…..but they took it way to far. In my opinion it was a firing squad, the law enforcements that were there clearly did not use their heads to full potential. They nearly killed each other. And as for the high fiving and congratulations that followed right after, I understand that they were relieved that none of them got hurt. But there is a time a place and a way to express those emotions, right there wasnt one of them. But honestly 68 shots? 17 hits? I can’t believe that this is what my hard earned tax money goes for. In my opinion we should just get rid of a select few officers and hire some monkeys, maybe then will our town get the serving and protection it deserves.

    • Me

      I feel well-served and protected in Iowa Falls, thank you. I’d feel even better if idiots weren’t out walking around looking for better ways to break the law or for more excuses for their station in life.

  • Adam

    Every eye witness? Yet you are the only one to come forward? You’re the only one making this allegation? Calling you out on this one my friend. You took both sides?? Again a lie, you were immediately making allegations and saying bold face lies within minutes, I would hardly call that looking at both sides. They took it to far? Is this based on your law enforcement or military background? I guess I don’t understand where you’ve got the right or education to make that statement. Again the 17 hits?? Let me guess the family told you this, and what makes them believable? It’s a lie flat out, they want hate and discontent toward the police plain and simple. Your hard earned tax dollars? You a home owner in that community? I’m guess that would be another lie.

  • Devan Miranda

    Lol damn I didnt know you knew so much about me. Its scary to know that people like you can vote and breed. I can eat a bowk of alphabet soup and S*** out something more intelligent than anything you have to say.

  • Devan Miranda

    Lol you’re a special kind of hard headed atupid arent you? Its a scary thought thinking people like you are allowed to vote and breed. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and s*** out something more intelligent than you could think.

  • Adam

    Ok Devan I have to apologize, I’m no longer allowed to debate with you. Based on your last two post it is evident that you do not have the mental capacity to continue. Not only do you post bascially the same thing twice, You accuse me of being stupid? Look at your last post….YEP I’m the stupid one or as you’d say atupid…. Yeah how about instead of eating your “bowk” of alphabet soup you just keep the letters so you can learn how to spell.

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