BALDI TRIAL: Jurors Yet To Reach A Verdict

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After a full day of deliberations a Polk County jury is going home without making a decision in the case of Dr. Daniel Baldi.

He is charged with seven counts of involuntary manslaughter having been accused of overprescribing prescription drugs to his patients.

The jury was handed over the case last Tuesday afternoon, but only spent about 10 minutes before going home for the day.

Today was their first full day of deliberations and after nearly eight hours it wasn't enough to deliver a verdict.

Tuesday, the jury heard both sides one more time as closing arguments were presented.

The prosecution claims Baldi missed several red flags when it came to his patients and recklessly prescribed pain killers to known addicts.

But the defense continues to maintain Baldi never did anything criminal.

They say Baldi was just treating a group of patients that no one else would at the time of their death they were abusing other medications not prescribed by Baldi at all.

About an hour and half into deliberations the jury asked a question to be answered by the courts, if the medical records the prosecution presented were full or partial records of each of the seven patients. They told only partial records were provided to look through.

The jury will return tomorrow and continue to deliberate at 9 a.m.