MINIMUM WAGE: US Senate Votes Down Bill

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A procedural vote in the US Senate failed Wednesday stalling an effort to increase the federal minimum wage.

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa is behind the “Minimum Wage Fairness Act.” It aims to push the wage up gradually to $10.10 per hour instead of the current $7.25.

The bill received the support of 54 senators during today’s vote but it was six shy of the 60 votes needed to bring the bill up for debate.

Democrats say they will continue to push the bill but republicans say the legislation will backfire.

“A 40% increase in minimum wage would bring about, according to the National Congressional Budget Office, which is nonpartisan, said it’ll increase unemployment at least 500,000 and perhaps maybe as much as a million,” Sen. Charles Grassley said.

Grassley says republicans wanted to offer amendments to find a middle ground. However, he says the Senate Majority Leader Harry reed wouldn’t allow it.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    Thankfully this was rejected. Raising the minimum wage would have cost the economy between 500,000 and 750,00 jobs….source the CBO. And with the latest news from the Commerce Dept that the 1st quarter growth was only 0.1%….this would ahve been a killer for the fragile economy.

  • Mike

    Raising the minimum wage would help some, but hurt others. I think this should be a matter for each state to decide. In Iowa, it would not hurt if it were raised say 1$ per hour, gradually. And if that were discussed between the two parties rationally and thoughtfully, I think it would be done.

    • 10.10 is crazy

      Raised some, maybe. but, raised 40%, no way. I have a college education and have been in my job for 25 years. my biggest raise was 2%.

      You would be paying SOME people way more than what their skills dictate. I was over charged at a store the other day because a sale item rang up at full price. I paid $8.20, but, should have paid 3.18. the cashier did not know how to do the transaction so he got the manager.
      The manager figured out how much I paid and how much I should have paid. He couldn’t figure out how to get the cash register to tell him what the difference was. I said ‘its’ 5.02′. he’s like ‘yeah, it’s something like that’ and gave me my money.

      Now, both of these people were very friendly. The cashier was probably 18-20, the manager 22-27. But, what have they done that says they should get a 40% raise?

      Plus, you raise their wage that much, the store is probably going to have to raise their prices and/or let at least one of them go. When prices go up to cover salaries, that hurts all of us who DIDN’T get a 40% pay increase.

  • Coffee Pot

    do people ever wonder, when the democrats come up with this, knowing it won’t pass, but do it anyway, because it makes the republicans look insensitive to the poor? Half of these ideas are just a political move, like taxing the rich. If the democrats thought for one minute they actually would hammer the rich on taxes, they would run the other way.

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