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ACA VERDICT: ‘Success’ As Over 29,000 Iowans Sign-Up

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Senator Tom Harkin says the Affordable Care Act has proved a success for Iowans.

During the enrollment period nearly 30,000 Iowans signed up for insurance using the federal exchange. Of those, 84-percent qualified for a federal subsidy to reduce the cost of insurance.

“More than 29,163 Iowans, many of whom could not previously afford or have access to health insurance, will now have the peace of mind that quality, comprehensive health coverage brings, thanks to the ACA,” Sen. Harkin said.

Nationwide more than 8-million people signed up.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    Absolutely a scam. No mention of how many have PAID!? Or how many had insurance but lost it when this travesty kicked in and then HAD to sign up for Obamacare. The Commerce Dept is already reporting an increase of 9% in health care expenses. This thing is going to bankrupt us.

  • grump

    84 percent got a subsidy,what does that tell you. These people had health care before this mess. I have never heard of anyone who got refused treatment because of no health insurance. We will never be able to pay for this mess.

  • John

    Iowa’s population: 3.1 million. Enrollees under the mandatory Abomicare: 30,000 (supposedly). That’s 1%. Congratulations on enrolling 1% of Iowa’s population in a mandatory program. What a raving success for morons who can’t do math, like Democratic puppet congressmen.

  • Impeach O-bowel-ma

    Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin can pocket the $2.7 million in his campaign fund. He knew he was going to step down, but planned a fundraising event with Lady Gaga as a ruse to get more campaign contributions for his personal pocket. Harkin’s avarice goes back to the days of the Vietnam War, with proof known by many. The only thing Harkin has in common with Iowa is that he’s a piece of dirt. And I’m ashamed to be an Iowa Democrat, but we’ll vote the loons out. Impeach O-bowel-ma.

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