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JOHNSTON EVENT: Kites On The Green

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This weekend, the city of Johnston wants you to go fly a kite. The city is holding its first Kites on the Green event.

It’s this Saturday from 2:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at Johnston Commons, near the Johnston Library.

Along with kite flying, there is food, bol races, live music, and prizes.

Mayor Paula Dierenfeld brought about the event. She was inspired by the kite tournaments she watched growing up in Sac City.

The 90 year tradition ended about four years ago. She says she wanted to revive the event in central Iowa.

“We are encouraging people to bring store bought kites, their homemade kites, were going to have professional kite fliers there so they will have the fancy kites, the big kites, the stunt kites. And they will keep us entertained throughout the event,” says Dierenfeld.

Kite kits will also be available for people who don’t have a kite.

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  • Aviator Bobo

    I bought a kite from this webshop the other day: A delta winged kite… :) Tried to fly the as soon as it arrived… It was a huge failure.. Man those two-stringed kites are hard to stear! :) Think before you buy one…

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