PARALYSIS RECOVERY: Chris Norton’s Goal To Walk & Roll

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There is an update on a man who went on a crusade to help others after he lost his ability to walk.

In 2010, Chris Norton was covering a kick-off return for Luther College in Decorah. He made the tackle but suffered a spinal cord injury.

Doctors gave him a three-percent chance he’d ever walk again but as Channel 13 has reported, Chris refuses to give up.

“It’s not easy, and it doesn’t come fast, but if you  keep at it, keep working hard each and every day, you know, good result will happen,” Chris said in an interview in 2013.

Months on, Chris can now stand on his own and he can walk if someone helps him.

He started a foundation that’s raised over $230,000. The money purchases therapy equipment for rehabilitation centers.

Chris graduates next year. The 22-year-old tells the Des Moines Register he plans to walk when he receives his diploma. Now, his girlfriend is on a mission to get him a new set of wheels.

“One thing that he has still not been able to do is drive.  It would mean absolutely everything to Chris if he was able to drive again and gain some more independence back.  It would also help him to make a bigger difference in other people’s lives,” Chris’ girlfriend Emily Summers says.

Summers submitted a YouTube to a contest where Chris could win a specially adapted vehicle.

May is also National Mobility Awareness Month. To visit Chris Norton’s SCI CAN Foundation website, click here.