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SESSION OVERVIEW: Gov. Branstad’s Recap

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Gov. Terry Branstad released a statement Thursday morning on what has been accomplished in the 2014 legislative session.

It reads, in part “We are proud to see a number of our policy proposals approved by the Iowa Legislature. We are pleased the Legislature joined us in support of a robust Renewable Fuel Standard early in the session. In early April, the House and Senate passed our plan to repurpose public buildings to serve as centers of economic development and commerce.”

Branstad goes on to say, “Over the coming weeks, we will carefully review the budget passed by the Legislature. After years of budget mismanagement, Iowans expect us to maintain responsible budgeting. Our careful planning has taken us from a projected billion dollar spending gap when we took office to a $700 million budget surplus today.”

He commented on several accomplishments including Home Base Iowa, a tuition freeze at state universities and also mentioned some of the legislation he was disappointed didn’t pass like stronger laws against bullying and a high-speed internet bill that would bring access to rural Iowans.

Branstad did not include anything in his statement about the passage of the cannabis oil bill.

You can read the governor’s complete comments on the 2014 session here.


  • gimmieabreak

    besides typical (good for Iowa but not the country) crony capitalism, what the hell is this so called
    “robust Renewable Fuel Standard” ???

  • John

    His statement basically says that he accomplished nothing except for:

    separate house and senate resolutions endorsing renewable energy (not a law and not of any consequence)

    Vets like me can get special USMC plates without charge… whee

    Empty schools can now become flea markets.

    He claims that he will review the budget, but his past illegal actions (workforce closings and the toledo home, and the yet to be litigated secret settlements) promise more of nothing for Iowa citizens and more of Iowa citizens money for corporations

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