CAUCUS CALENDAR: Iowa May Have Its Date

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Mark it down in pencil. But Iowa’s chance to kick off the 2016 presidential process could be February 1st, 2016, a full month later than the 2012 caucuses.

Friday, the Democratic National Committee offered the date at a rules meeting in Washington, D.C.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan said in a statement, “The Iowa caucuses will continue to remain a neighborhood gathering where friends and neighbors from all different backgrounds come together to fight for the values that are important to our communities and moving our state and country forward.  Iowa Democrats believe this country is greater when we work together and give everyone the opportunity to participate in open, fair and accessible elections, and our caucuses will continue to be a reflection of that commitment.”

The committee opted to keep the lead-off states the same. Iowa would begin the process, followed by New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Republicans have also proposed the February 1st date. The full Democratic and Republican National Committees would have to approve the dates at meetings later this year.

Iowa held its previous caucuses on January 3rd, 2012, rather than its original February date, after Florida threatened to move its primary before Iowa.