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DONATIONS STOLEN: Surveillance Captures Act

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A community comes together to help a man with cancer…and now tries to figure out how someone could steal that help.

Employees say Kelly’s Little Nipper is like a small community that looks out for each other. Which is why they were so shocked to discover someone had stolen from a friend they were trying to help.

Last week, the bar put out a donation jar to help Brian Potter pay for his cancer treatments. Employees say someone stole that jar and they have the video to prove it. The security surveillance shows this man taking the jar around 7 p.m. on April 25th. Employees say the jar only had about $75 in it, but they say it`s the principal of the matter.

Bartender Kenna Spurgeon was working the night it happened. “Shame on you. Shame on you for trying to take something from somebody that`s in desperate need and needs help. I mean that`s really a low-life thing to do,” said Spurgeon.

Anyone with information is should contact the Des Moines police. Earlier today friends and family raised money with “The Potter Plunge” out at Gray’s Lake. If you would like to give to The Potter Plunge go to:

Tonight the Johnny Macs Bar & Grill is donating all its proceeds from cover charges to Potter as well.

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