STRANGE SMELL: Pot Leads Police to Possible Sexual Assault Victim

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Altoona Police say the smell of marijuana lead them to a parked car early Saturday morning. They say they found two men and a woman inside. The woman told authorities the men sexually assaulted her earlier.

A Polk County Sheriff’s Office news release said officers found the vehicle on Hubbell at Adventureland Drive. Police arrested Marques Alexander Robinson, 28, of Des Moines and Derion Deshawn Causey, 27, of Calumet, Illinois.

Prosecutors charged them with Kidnapping in the 1st degree and Assault Causing Injury with Intent to Commit Sex Abuse. The report said officers couldn’t determine whether the woman knew the men.


      • Lee

        No, he is being realistic. There are good blacks but they are far and few between. In these times of hate filled rap music and race baiting “leaders” it is no surprise black anger and violence is greatly increased. Since the victim is not described odds are she is white. Most rapes are black men raping white women. There is a reason many women are arming themselves. You will find many women at sites like www DOT stormfront DOT org as well.

  • Storm Crow

    Meth use effects over-ride cannabis use effects! A LOT of meth heads use cannabis to ease the come-down from meth, or to “take the edge off” their high! Alcoholics also find cannabis is a decent hang-over cure, so they like it, too! Dollar to a doughnut, they were poly-drug users, not just “potheads”! Folks who use JUST cannabis are rarely violent.

  • Lee

    Check out the lynch mob at KCCI. The reporter insinuates that there is a relationship between victim and suspects. The unidentified victim is called a w***e and liar. Is this the new political correctness?

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