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WATOTO CHOIR: Children Performing In Iowa

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The Watoto Children’s Choir is traveling across America sharing their stories. The choir performed at NewLife Church in Pleasant Hill this morning.

The children come from Watoto Child Care Ministry. These Christian villages care for orphaned children and single parent families in need.

This is just one of many choir groups touring in other countries. Every year these choir groups tour for six months, but most children participate just once. The choirs have been around for nearly 20 years.

Watoto leader Phillip Mugerwa says they do these tours to share God`s love and the plight of the orphan child in Africa. “So that people will come on board with us, partner with us, and help out in any other way,” said Mugerwa.

Almost all the organization’s funding comes from donations and its Sponsor-A-Life program. Leaders say 90 percent of that funding goes back to the children for food, shelter, and education.

For the choir’s full schedule go to:


  • best use of money?

    It looks like this is a very colorful, entertaining show.

    I, for one, would be very upset though if I donated money to this organization to help feed starving families and then found out that they spent the money on colorful costumes and world travel?!?!

    Pretty lucky starving orphans!

  • Audrey VerMeer

    These children are not living in luxury as they travel. They stay in people’s homes in each city they visit. Yes, a portion of donations goes to cover other travel expenses and costuming. That is true of any such group/organization. The bigger picture is that, as a result of their touring, many of these lucky orphans get adopted by loving parents. I have no reservations, whatsoever, about donating money to them. I think it’s a worthy cause, a wonderful show, and a lovely way to help these orphaned children find real, permanent homes, where they are loved and cared for as part of a real family.

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