$2M SHORTFALL: School May Cut Athletic Director

A northern Iowa school district considered a controversial measure to cut its budget.

The Mason City school district considered cutting the athletic director’s position after facing a $2-milion shortfall in funding.

The school board met Monday evening to discuss the proposal and it was met with opposition. Cutting the position would save the CIML district around $100,000.

“If you cut an AD you are telling the community sports aren’t important,” John Lee said.

After heated debate, board members voted to try and find that money elsewhere. Five teaching positions are set to be eliminated and a further 13 certified staff jobs could be next.

A pay freeze will be considered for administrators and teachers. There was also discussion of a possible pay cut for administrators down the road.

Other money-raising ideas included charging for middle school event admission and offering concession stands.

School officials say the shortfall is due to a declining enrollment and because several grants don’t kick-in until 2015.

The Mason City school district has until May 15th to finalize the budget.


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