NATIONAL ATTENTION: Ernst Ad Takes Aim At Obamacare

After gaining national notoriety after her first ad, US Senate hopeful Joni Ernst is once again picking up widespread attention for her latest campaign effort.

If castrating pigs wasn’t enough to catch the electorates’ attention, then a leather-clad Ernst shooting a gun and promising to “set (her) sights on Obamacare” should do the trick.

Ernst, who has the support of Sarah Palin and Sen. Marko Rubio, is introduced as a “mom, farm girl and a lieutenant colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse.”

Enrst is up against Sam Clovis, Mark Jacobs, Scott Schaben and Matt Whitaker in the Republican primary.

Rep. Bruce Baley is the only Democrat running to replace the retiring Sen. Tom Harkin.


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