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Investigators say charges will be filed in connection with the accidental shooting death of a Des Moines four-year-old.

Lillium Mead died April 21st after being shot in the chest in her family’s apartment at 2746 Fleur Drive. Police say Mead’s parents and two younger siblings were home at the time of the shooting.

Few details about the case have been released but Des Moines police now say charges will be filed. What the charges are and who will be charged has not been released.


  • Lee

    People, PLEASE lock up your guns when not in use. If kept handy for self defense then a pistol can be worn in a holster. Rifles can be kept unloaded and a full magazine in a pocket. It can be quickly loaded when needed. Never underestimate the ability of children to find hidden guns. Remember also to clear the chamber when unloading a gun, removing magazine may not prevent the gun from firing.

    • Melanie Bieker (@Melanie_Marie__)

      Exactly. Our guns are locked away. The bullet is NEVER chambered and on all you have to strong enough to pull the slide in order to fire and there is a safety mode on each one. Not to mention I have told my 3 year old over and over and over NEVER PICK UP A GUN. EVER. That being said I cannot pass judgement on this family. I can’t even imagine their guilt they have to feeling with the immense loss of a precious life. My heart goes out to them, the little girl and everyone involved. So sad and tragic.

  • Lee

    For gun safety a metal gun safe is needed. Even an inexpensive one is far better than none at all. Avoid display cases, most are too easily broken into. In a local case a mentally ill man broke into the family display case, stole a pistol, and killed someone.

  • Ashley

    Innocent? What the hell were they doing with a LOADED gun around CHILDREN?! YES someone deserves to be charged! smh.

    • plynitsafe

      Agreed !! Along with No Details as to How this 4 year old came about being shot .. Just the childs name. Keeping an eye out for What Happened in this Household !!

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