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BOUNDARY CHANGE: School Board Votes In Favor

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A shifting student population means the Des Moines School District must shift its school boundaries.

The district’s school board brought up a proposal to draw up new boundary lines last year. Since then, several public input meetings have been held and after hearing suggestions for months the board voted on the final changes at a meeting Tuesday evening.

With no discussion the board unanimously voted to pass the boundary changes for the elementary schools in the Des Moines School District as well as Goodrell Middle School.

The vote also included the Scavo High building, which will be reopened as Moore Elementary School.

The northwest side of town had several schools at capacity, opening up Moore Elementary School will reduce class sizes at neighboring schools.

The Chief Operations Officer for the district Bill Good said public input helped shape the boundary decisions. He said many parents had children who couldn't attend their neighborhood school because it was at capacity.

He said parents also wanted to make sure their children would stay at the school they're currently attending and any younger siblings would be allowed to attend the same school as well.

Good says a grandfather clause was added into the vote to allow for both options.

“Students in their existing schools who are in school now can remain in that school, they don`t have to change so if a second grader is at an elementary school they`ll be able to finish school at that school,” Good said.

The changes won't go into effect until the 2015/16 school year.

Click here to view an interactive map of the changes.