TOP NOTCH: Waukee Teacher Honored

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In honor of National Teacher's Day, a Waukee science teacher got quite the surprise at school today.

More than 500 9th graders at Praireview School packed into the gym.

“They said we had an assembly and the kids kept saying what's it for? And I said, I have no idea. I said, they told us, it's a surprise,” says Staci Nichols.

Only a handful of people were in on the surprise and Nichols wasn’t one of them.

“Right now, I want to recognize one special teacher,” says Angela Jones with Jordan Creek Town Center, “Mrs. Nichols can you please join me?”

The 9th grade science teacher is named Nichols the Top Notch Teacher as part of the Celebrate Teachers! award.

“Thanks, you guys. I never thought in a million years I would win this,” says Nichols.

“Mrs. Nichols is the most selfless person I know,” says Brooke Koppes.

The 9th grader nominated Nichols for the award. From there, people voted for her on Facebook.

“She definitely deserved it,” says Koppes.

“Some days it is a thankless job, but to have them to say thank you and know they appreciate me, they're awesome. I have great kids,” says Nichols.

Nichols received a $500 gift card to Jordan Creek, plus several other gifts from the mall.