BUS INCIDENT: Lawsuit Over Disabled Teen’s Injuries


The parents of an eastern Iowa disabled teenager are suing the Iowa City school district and the bus service company after their daughter was ejected from her wheelchair while on the school bus.

KWWL reports negligence of a school bus attendant two years ago nearly cost Bradley Kaldahl’s daughter her life.

“They said there had been an accident on my daughters bus, the wheelchair flipped over onto her face was covered in blood, she had a laceration on her forehead, her mouth was all cut open, she had a tooth that was busted in half,” says Kaldahl.

He says he will never forget that horrifying call from the bus company about his then 13-year-old daughter Samantha.

His daughter has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and she was injured in May of 2012 after he says a Durham School Services employee failed to properly secure the back of his daughter`s wheelchair.

He says originally the bus company downplayed the incident by telling him his daughter suffered a minor bump on the head after the nearly 90-pound wheelchair landed on top of her.

“This a child, this is not your business, this is my daughter Take advantage of my daughter with disabilities, I find that absolutely reprehensible,” says Kaldahl.

Durham School Services has not yet covered any medical costs or wheelchair replacement, that’s why the family says they’ve filed the lawsuit.

They’re seeking damages for Samantha`s medical expenses, property damage, along with physical and mental pain and suffering.

Durham School Services says it’s their policy to not comment on pending litigation, but it says its top priority is the safety of the students it transports.


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