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HOUSING PROJECT: Ames Residents Raise Concerns

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Ames residents and city leaders are butting heads with a Texas developer over a new housing project.

Breckenridge Land Acquisition wants to put up a large housing unit in west Ames where the Ames Middle School used to stand. It would be cottage-style student housing, holding up to 1,000 beds.

City council members, the developer and residents of Ames met Tuesday night.

Some neighbors are worried about safety, the way the complex is laid out, and how some nearby wildlife habitat can be preserved.

“We’re concerned about our new neighbors, we’re concerned about the residents who would move into this complex and we have specific concerns about safety,” says neighborhood association member Sharon Guber.

Breckenridge wants to have as many bedrooms that they can.

There’s no word yet on when a decision will be made on the development.