NEBRASKA NICE: Iowa Nice Has A Rival

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Iowa Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Our neighboring state to the west announced Wednesday a “Nebraska Nice” tourism brand.

“We set out to find a message that would resonate with Nebraskans and will very quickly communicate Nebraska’s strengths to potential visitors,’’ Nebraska Tourism Commission Director Kathy McKillip told the Omaha World-Herald.

But our state already has Iowa Nice typified by ESPN contributor Scott Siepker. And he wasn’t happy with the competition. “This means war,” the Iowa Nice Guy wrote on Twitter.

It took the commission nine months to come up with the slogan.



  • Koko

    Based on the uproar in Nebraska over this announcement, you might have to update your article to say “former” Nebraska Tourism Commission Director Kathy McKillip.

    She apparently spent 10’s of thousands with a hack Ad Agency and a Branding Consultant. Most wouldn’t be surprised if the deal was sealed on a golf cart.

    But, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the campaign left on the shelf, so Iowa Nice should be safe.

    • Ted

      I don’t think you quite know what you are talking about koko. There is more to it than that, and the agency involved is hardly a hack agency.

  • manbearpig

    Bailey Lauerman is a gigantic, contrived, amoral, award-winning assembly line where the dreams of young artists go to die. PS they’re hacks.

  • do ur job

    They can have Nebraskan Nice. Im opting for Iowan Irritated. Stop & Gawk on the freeway for a fender bender? IRRITATED You think that the NO LEFT TURN signs don’t apply to you when dropping kids off at school (shout out to the Monroe Elementary School Parents & misc others) IRRITATED You think you have the right to drive in the left lane because your hybrid hits 65 downhill but cant reach 55 uphill. IRRITATED you think your cool in your SUV talking your cell phone, but incapable of finding your accelerator (that was so 15 years ago- not cool and only proves you’re an idiot) IRRITATED its your once a year trip to Des Moines and you decide to go beyond the fairgrounds or downtown- a horse drawn carriage moves faster than you-GPS is a good gift IRRITATED

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