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PERFECT WEATHER: Farmers Getting Into Fields

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All this beautiful weather is sending farmers flocking to their fields eager to start planting for the season.

When the weather is nice, farmers don't wait around.

”Get up at 4:30 try to be out here by 5 and go until midnight,” says Farmer Mike Penick.

Penick farms 1,400 acres of corn and soybeans near Carlisle.

He started planting corn around Easter and this week moved onto soybeans.

The newest crop report says a lot of Iowa’s farm fields are still too wet to start planting, but Penick says if we continue to have more days like Wednesday , it won't be a problem for much longer.

“We have some that are a little too wet but you always got somewhere we can go that`s dry enough and with this kind of weather its drying out pretty fast,” says Penick.

Penick says the dry ground is proving to be the perfect condition for soybean planting, but like any farmer will tell you we also need rain.

Balancing the weather forecast and deciding when to plant is just part of the gamble for farmers.

“We need rain and heat to make things go just perfectly. You never know until later if you’ve done things right,” says Penick.

The most recent crop report also says in Iowa about 23% of the state’s corn is now planted, that’s about 10 days behind the average planting schedule.