PUPPY MILL: What The Owners Are Hiding

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The Humane Society has released a report on puppy mills and Iowa is tied for fourth worst in the country.

Six Iowa puppy mills were featured in the report - Kute Kozy K In Redding, Faithful Friends Kennel in Bedford, Kelley's Kennel in Kellerton, Pee Vine Kennels and Platinum Puppies that are both in West Point.

Julie's Jewells in Jewell was also featured, ranking at the top of the Iowa list.

During a 2010 inspection, the owner reportedly tried to run a USDA inspector off the road.

The owners weren’t happy to see us either.

"Take your cameras, put them in your car. Leave. You got three minutes,” a man who identified himself as the son of the owner warned us.

Once we retreated to public property the man refused to answer our questions.

“We don't want to deal with any of the PETA people, all that crap.   We don't want any of that publicity. None of that,” the man said as he attempted to block our cameras from filming with his truck and then his hand.

Julie's Jewells have good reason not to show us the facilities. In 2010, when they still had a USDA license, they received 19 violations ranging from open wounds on dogs to kennels being too small. At the time of that inspection, records show, they had 148-adult dogs and 77-puppies on the property.

State records show they currently have 43-dogs and about 37-puppies. They failed an inspection in October, 2013 due to dirty conditions in the kennel and because a puppy was found with a gash in its paw that went to the bone.

Julie's Jewels has since passed its most recent inspection.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa director Tom Colvin says because of places like Julie's Jewels that Iowa consistently gets a bad rating from animal rights groups. He adds that because of lax enforcement and mild penalties that puppy mills continue to thrive here.

"It's been a situation that the Animal Rescue League has dealt with for many, many years and doesn't seem to be going away."

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship recommends complaining if you visit a breeding facility that doesn't seem clean or safe for the animals. An inspector will go out and check out the complaint. The inspector may then recommend corrections for the breeder, and give that breeder a certain amount of time to fix the problems.


  • Loba Art

    Most people are not aware that by law, ALL puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. All pets sold in pet stores must come from USDA licensed breeders. Only large commercial breeders — AKA puppy mills — need a USDA license. Family breeders and hobby breeders do not need this license.

    Therefore, the USDA license is essentially a guarantee that a breeder is a puppy mill. The USDA license is clearly not effective at regulating these puppy mills, as we can see from these examples of breeders with laundry lists of cruelty violations that are still open for business.

    As for pet shops’ claims about selling only “family-raised” registered puppies — these are meaningless marketing terms. Pet stores want to SELL you a product: they will tell you whatever you want to hear.

    Let’s put these mills out of business. The only way to avoid supporting puppy mills is to adopt pets from a shelter or buy them from a small, responsible breeder. A good breeder will allow you to meet your puppy’s parents (at least the mother) and see where they live. Any breeder who doesn’t welcome customers onto his or her property has something to hide and you should RUN, not walk, away.

    • michele

      I’m sorry but you are incorrect. The state of Iowa does have rules for small breeders and hippy breeders. As a small breeder or a hobby breeder you STILL NEED A LICENSE WITH THE STATE OF IOWA, If you are breeding a certain number of animals.

      • Ms. JJM

        Seriously!! Do you really think that lic. means anything?? The inspections are few and far between and any violation is ignored by the breeders because they know it’s NOT GOING TO BE ENFORCED. That lic. is not worth the paper it’s written on. Even if a lic. is revoked it can still hang on their wall the state or USDA inspectors do not come around and collect them and most buyers would not ask to see one.
        People that have a drivers lic. and have them revoked still carry the paper but they aren’t any good.
        Please know what you are talking about before you make a stupid comment! Comments like yours only hurt these animals and the filthy conditions they are forced to endure. Here’s a little test for you Michele-FIND A BREEDER WITH A LIC. AND ASK IF YOU CAN TAKE A TOUR THRU THEIR FACILITY!

  • aj

    ok, all of these supposed breeders sell to a little pet shop in Orland Park, Downers Grove, Naperville, Lombard, and Arlington Heights..not naming a name, but if you can figure it all out, you will get it. And, to the person who claimed above me: kudos to you! I worked for a specific chain (that I will not mention) for over 10 years and, you are right..puppy mills. Not only that, the heartless owners could care less! They were there every week to pick up puppies! Show me the money! Money, Money, Money!

    • Ms. JJM

      Sorry Terry but you are ill-informed about the ARL IOWA. It is an awesome place and a safe haven for all kinds of animals. The animals are treated with repect, love, kindness, their medical needs are met, food and water is always fresh, bedding is always clean and I could go on with their praise. Before you run your mouth perhaps you need to take a tour or otherwise zip your lips.

      • KKF

        Ms JJM, have you ever seen a copy of the factual report from the ARL on percentage adopted and percentage euthanized? Or the stories on why the ARL called into hoarding situations, mainly cats, while there are vets on hand to take the cats and rehab, for adoption, instead the ARL takes and marks with red tape for eu???

      • RR

        Can you please let me know where I can find euth stats on the ARL? I have requested directly from them in the past and have gotten no response. I am very curious about their euth rates. They seem to want to hide them for some reason…..

      • Canine Friend

        Tour the ARL? No, better yet show up unannounced, get into all the secret rooms and get the Save numbers (the pets that actually make it out alive into a home, not owner redeemed pets)
        And get their Kill numbers, all of them, baby kittens and puppies included. (their policy the last heard on babies was, if they were not old enough to make it on their own many get the needle)

        Watch what you support, it’s easy to look the other way when you’re receiving a paycheck or you just cannot believe such a pretty place would kill adoptable animals, but it happens and the ARL has not come close to being forth coming. There’s a reason for that, just like the Puppy Mills who won’t allow you into their despair and filth.
        (Get into the Animal Control in Des Moines which the ARL is a part of, check those kill numbers too)

        The one thing in some people’s opinion that the Puppy Mills and the High Kill Shelters have in common is, they deceive the public and ride on the backs of animals to make a buck.

        I’m still out on what is worse, those paid to protect animals yet kill many who weren’t given every chance, or those who breed them and make them live in filthy conditions.
        Both are not transparent.

        It’s to bad the media continues to go to the ARL as the experts on saving lives and exposing cruelty and abuse.
        Two Facebook pages to check out



      • Troy Hendrickson

        Well there was that incident when one of their somewhat arrogant employees tried to wrongfulloy sieze a womans dog because he thinks he’s a breed expert… they do tend to be overly zealous at times.

      • Deadmanwalking

        Feed them, clean them, pump them full of expensive drugs, then euthanize them if they aren’t adopted in the allotted amount of time. Wow I want to be loved like that.

    • Lynne

      You have no idea the conditions of the animals that get dumped at the ARL by the so called “no kill” shelters. Those shelters do breed-blocks, and then bring loads of animals to the ARL so they can continue their no-kill claim. It is far better for a domestic animal to be euthanized than live in the gutter or endlessly in a shelter. You are small minded and mean spirited in this feed.

      • Deadmanwalking

        Clearly every animal that gets “dumped” at the ARL is a wretched creature on the verge of death. I honestly wonder how the world ever got along before Man came along to clean everything up.

        As a species we cant even take care of our own, yet we feel the need to take care of everything else first. Meanwhile the mentally ill homeless man dies because he froze to death under a bridge. We truly are a blessed species.

      • Canine Friend

        That’s right, blame the public solely, what choice do they have but to kill kill kill.
        No choice at all?
        The jig is up, people are becoming more aware that these places have been allowed to run with no accountability.
        The time has come that they are held accountable like any other job, it’s pretty barbaric that just because the animals are voiceless these people take advantage of that and get paid for it.

        But keep sticking your head in the sand, that will save lives.

      • denisecarolclark

        I agree completely, Lynne! The ARL is given the job of doing what other shelters and rescues don’t want to do because they want to call themselves “no-kill”. The dogs may not be killed at their rescue or shelter but if you send a dog somewhere else to be euthanized, it is the same thing! The ARL MUST take every animal that comes to their door. They have to euthanize the least adoptable animals or they could not continue to help those that have a chance. It’s a sad fact but it is a fact.

    • Brenda Milligan

      You are correct on the ARL as they are all about MONEY! Pathetic what they did and are doing with the parrots. I would not donate a penny to them…as they are clueless! I would comment on their Facebook page but they have me blocked from commenting. They run the ARL as Branstad runs the government in Iowa!

  • Lisa

    They definately need to be shut down. My daughter bought a puppy from Julies Jewels a few months ago. The puppy had parvo. My daughter spent lots of money to the vet to make her puppy better. We hadn’t heard about Julies Jewels before this. We called her to let her know the puppy had parvo and she should get the others checked. Let me just say she got very defensive. Putting it mildly. We then started doing research and found the history of this place. It was not good. Noone should ever buy puppies from her!

  • michele

    I agree that places like this should be SHUT DOWN… I’d also like to add that there are RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS WHO DO ABIDE BY THE LAWS AND REGULATIONS AND WHO LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEIR ANIMALS!!! People like this make it harder for the ones who are responsible and abide by the laws… The NEWS ALways shows the Negative side of things, May I suggest that they show the positive side for once and go to a Responsible Kennel and show some positive to the negative that they have shown or would that be asking to much from the news channel???
    I would also like to add that “Its about time that these kennels have gotten SOME of what they deserve, it is my opinion that they should be shut down and denied a license whether state/or use other wise…

    • Dlore Rainfleet

      I know a responsible breeder of show quality dogs. She has two (get that – TWO) bitches and ONE stud dog. That’s all she has.

  • Pam

    Write your Iowa legislators — a bill to regulate breeding facilities got close — but didn’t pass in this year’s legislature. Next year will be our chance to finally clean up Iowa’s shameful puppy-mill industry.

    • janisum

      Pam- thanks for adding that. I was going to. We will prevail next year!!! Puppy mills will be gone soon. They’re gaining alot of attention anymore. Goes to show we are making a difference!! Kudos to all who are helping in the campaign to rid them.

    • Bully Lover

      This is a bad law that especially hurts small, responsible breeders. The supporters of this law aim to stop people from breeding and selling puppies completely! The law should aim at places that are negllegent and uncaring!

  • Holly Johnson

    I purchased a cat, many years ago, from a pet store. She died due to a rare blood condition because she couldn’t clot after having her spay. I never purchased from a pet store again and have not had a problem with health again. A friend of mine purchased a golden from a puppy mill and had to put him down at 1 1/2 years of age due to kidney renial failure. Needless to say, she learned her lesson as well. Over breeding and poor conditions is a serious problem and should be stopped. I have such love for my 2 golden retrievers and can’t imagine what kind of human can do such a thing to anaimals. It should be considered a felony crime to have a inspector come in and find such terrible conditions. That would put these monsters behind bars living in similar conditions they felt was humane for there pets. Maybe then, it would stop. Until extreme measures are taken to put a stop to this type of breeding, make sure you know where and what type of place your new pet came from. The expense and loss of the pet after you have fallen in love is too much to bear.

  • KKF

    I would like to know, why Julies has two different names? Look up Arctic World Puppies. Same breeds, same owners, address and phone number. And on top of that, why in the world are they still allowed their license after numerous violations? That is half of the problem. These mills get cited time and time again, the animals are NOT followed up on for medical care after the inspector has seen the wounds, injuries and such…so the person is allowed to keep their license and continue on. We need stronger rules and laws and FOLLOW THRU on these inspections. I personally know the vet who euthanizes JJ’s baby huskies whom are not born with two blue eyes. Rather than take these puppies to rescue and let them live, JJ’s would rather pay to murder them. So there ‘ love of the breed’ is a BS lie, as no one for a love of this animal would kill them senselessly. Nor would an ethical vet do this procedure. This ‘kennel’ is not the only one in Jewell either. JJ’s own cousin, Judy Peterson of JT Kennels is also in Jewell. She stands up for this type of operation day in and day out. Id like to see her thoughts on how her ‘cous’ handled herself on tv. If there is nothing bad to show, there is nothing bad to hide!!!!

  • JS

    This report doesn’t surprise me. My friend really wanted a dog and asked me to come with to help select a dog at Arctic World Puppies aka Julie’s Jewells. We went on a cold, rainy, grey day, and the owner had us wait inside one of their sheds. I thought that we were waiting inside because of the weather, even though the place reeked of animal urine.

    She said she was going to go get the puppies, and disappeared into the barn. I watched her from the window and saw her carrying one puppy at a time by the front legs, under the arm pits. She didn’t support its stomach or back legs at all.

    When I asked if we could see the parents, she told us no. They had several parents in the barn and all the puppies and parents were allowed to come and go as they please. They were afraid of strangers and would run out of the barn and into the field if we went into the barn.

    I’ve picked out puppies before from a reputable breeder. I’m a hunter. Those breeders allowed us to meet the mother and fathers of every litter, (if the father is on site). All in all the situation felt fishy.

    In total, we saw about 20 different puppies (male and female), but never once met a mother or father, and most of the puppies were terrified of us. One even tried to bite me when I limply offered my hand for a sniff.

    After we chose a puppy, Julie told us she would send the AKC papers in a week. 2 weeks went by and still no papers. The papers were never sent. (This was right after 2010, and according to the news report, they didn’t have their AKC license anymore.)

    On top of all that, the dog was sick with a intestinal virus. After several vet visits, and a good 6 months of treatment, the dog now has solid waste (before it was all liquid).

    This report shows how terrible this place really is. If you’re not a mill, answer the questions of the reporter! Don’t be shady and cover up the camera so no one can see what real living conditions of the dogs.

    • Deadmanwalking

      LOL Your a hunter, so? I always have to laugh when I see “hunters” commenting on the ethical treatment of animals. Are you a head collector?

    • Katt

      JS have you contacted WHO? They are looking for people who have been to Julies, and who have or have not bought from them, and reasons why, and conditions of the site and dogs. perhaps you should let them know your experiece, as Im pretty sure they arent done with her yet!

  • denisecarolclark

    Tom Colvin stated: “It’s been a situation that the Animal Rescue League has dealt with for many, many years and doesn’t seem to be going away.” If what we are doing is NOT working, how about trying a different approach? Could we try putting the focus on the dogs and helping them, wherever they may be? If it was a shelter or rescue in trouble would we be so quick to want to prosecute them or would we try to help them get the problem corrected so the DOGS could benefit? We need to stop judging the people and start helping the DOGS! They need us all. As long as the people in the dog world continue to fight among themselves, the DOGS will continue to suffer. Please, please offer a hand to the dogs, for the dogs!

    • Lisa K. Kuehl

      Denise, what is your point? There is no judgement to pass when the federal government documents, on a daily basic, instances of extreme neglect and cruelty inside Iowa’s USDA-licensed puppy mills. It’s all right there for anyone to read, in painful and heartbreaking detail.

      • denisecarolclark

        Lisa, from my “conversations” with you in the past, I am well aware that you will never see “the point”. You refuse to think outside of your box and that is what is needed to help the dogs.

    • Lisa K. Kuehl

      DeniseCarolClark – I don’t believe that animal breeders, whether they, are USDA-licensed, State of Iowa licensed or unlicensed, should be above the law. And anyone who takes these animals away in exchange for their silence to the proper authorities or inspection entities are simply perpertuating the cycle of abuse. Many of these unwanted breeding dogs show signs of neglect that would be prosecutable under Iowa’s Chapter 717B – but law enforcement, while too often frustratingly lax about these issues, certainly cannot start any legal procedings without timely information and real-time probable cause. When animal abuse and neglect is noted or suspected, it needs to be promptly reported.

  • Lyn Smith

    Like with anything, if you aren’t doing anything wrong and abiding by the rules/laws etc, what do you have to hide. Their reactions speak for themselves. There are good breeders out there, but there’s a whole lot more dogs in shelters and rescues due to the irresponsibility go things like this!

    • denisecarolclark

      How many commercial breeders have you visited with? How many facilities have you been through? We all need to hold judgement unless we know firsthand what is going on. When we judge the people, judgement comes down on the dogs too. So unfair to the dogs. What about the rescues/shelters that intentionally look for pregnant dogs so they can adopt out their puppies? How is that any different? As a rescue, if we take in a pregnant dog and can safety abort, we do!

      • Canine Friend

        How many Puppy Mills have you visited Denise? How many, please respond as you speak as someone who knows, if you don’t, then don’t get on here and even in a minimal way support this trash.
        Don’t tell me the Holocaust and Racism don’t exist either because you didn’t experience it yourself?

        Have you ever heard this quote by Martin Luther King?

        “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

        And your comments are worse then the good people who remain silent.

        And you obviously have a bone to pick with other Rescues, this is about Puppy Mills and those who support and lie and are a part of the disgusting, barbaric, cruel treatment of these dogs.
        Give me someone who saves Pregnant dogs over someone who supports Puppy Mill dog Masters.

        It’s pretty scary that your criteria for pet care is so low that you in any way condone this. Are you sure it’s Pet Rescue you should be in?

  • John

    Do not wait for the government to do anything; it is about time people step in and raid the place and take the puppies and anuimals and lock the owners in little cages and leave them there until someone finds them.Let go old school biblical on these maggots.

    • denisecarolclark

      “Old school biblical”? Yes, let’s go back in to the past where dogs were considered as “nothings”. Let’s act like crazy humans and do crazy things. Where are you going to house the hundreds of animals that you plan to take in? You don’t have to STEAL the dogs. Commercial breeders will GIVE the dogs to rescues IF the rescues would stop exploiting the dogs as “puppy mill” poster dogs! We CAN help the dogs!

      • Canine Friend

        How’s all that sticking your head in the sand working for you and the dogs Denise?
        Enabling and excusing this (and worse slamming reputable Rescues) is doing nothing to move things ahead.

        Many have gone before you and saved far more Mill dogs then you ever will and they did it without buddying up to the abusers. It still changed nothing as far as them coming to their senses and you won’t change them either.
        What’s next, you go to the dark side and join ranks with evil?

        The only thing that does work is to go to https://www.facebook.com/IowaVotersForCompanionAnimals
        and supporting them in their work.

        This is the place to help change the Laws and become educated on what is happening in one of the worst Puppy Mill States in the Nation, Iowa.

  • Christine

    Well, well, all this outrage and everyone has more ‘solutions’. More regulations will be the fixall, right, lol? Current regulations, if enforced WOULD work, so why would piling more meaningless regulations on top of the current ones be the fix? The only sensible post I have read is by denisecarolclark (whoever you are). The rest of you need additional education!

    • Lisa K. Kuehl

      Current federal animal welfare regulations in puppy mills require MINUMUM basic care standards, such as clean water, palatable and appropriate food, enough room in cages for dogs to stand up and turn around in, proper ventilation of waste and urine odors, basic veterinary care and shelter from weather elements. In Iowa, over half of our 200+ USDA-licensed breeder/brokers are not even meeting those minimum standards, and dogs and puppies are suffering and dying every day because of it. USDA inspection reports continue to tragically detail just how dismal this situation still is in Iowa. These care standards need to be more comprehensive and the USDA needs to impose strict and prompt penalties and license revocation when a breeder fails to comply with federal regulation. “Two strikes, and you are OUT.” As with most sluggish government actions, the process to close down a non-compliant licensee can take months, if not years. The dogs simply cannot wait that long for relief to come.

      • Betsy Fickel

        We hear the broken record of how many USDA licensed kennels are cited for violations. There are inspections that go far beyond common sense and very minor things are cited as a violation that in no way endanger the animals. A bit of dust, spider web in the corner, repair materials stacked outside by the kennel while in use, an open bag of feed being fed from at the time of inspection, a paperwork mistake, etc.

        All these minor things are lumped into the “just look at all these violations” in the attempt to convince the public things are so dastardly. Yet, some of these inspectors have been point blank asked if there ‘s anything wrong with the dogs. No, is the answer, the dogs are fine, in good condition, have food, water, proper sheltering, etc.

        If most shelters/rescues have the attitude they are all so perfect in their conditions, then why is it they continously demand they be exempted from USDA, or any other regulations demanded of breeders? SF 2054 is a perfect example.

        This question has been asked repeatedly. Please, spare me that it’s because the animals are there for a short period of time. Just why shouldn’t an animal, regardless of the duration of their stay, be afforded the same care

        So, is that really saying that the second hand animals are less worthy of the care that commercially bred animals are to receive? Why do these entities fear being USDA inspected?

    • Lisa K. Kuehl

      Christine, I gather you are a “hobby breeder” or perhaps a State of Iowa licensee? Of all people, you and your fellow small-scale breeders should be aghast at the way your large-scale USDA breeder cohorts treat their animals. I certainly hope that you are participating in advocating for stricter regulations of the large puppy mills that continue to give the “little guys and gals” out there a very bad name. When you sympathize with the big puppy millers, you are doing your hobby and your trade a very big disservice.

  • Judy Peterson

    Just for your information KKF (whoever you are) just because my last name is Peterson doesn’t mean I am related to Julie Peterson. As a matter of FACT, I am not her cousin or even related to her. Here is a tad bit of advice, if you don’t know the truth don’t make something up. As for me standing up for people in this state YOU BET I WILL, each and every time I see someone bullying and trashing and bashing a person I will stand behind that person and offer my helping hand and not my wicked tongue.

    • Katt

      Judy you must have been referring to the above comment for me???? I have asked you more than once, to allow the cameras on YOUR breeding property, and INSIDE your facility. You can always come on and stand behind your fellow breeders and millers, yet you dont have the nerve to allow cameras in and see exactly what you do and how you do it. I can only imagine the conditions of your place on the inside when the outside is as atrocious as it is. A roof falling off, fencing buckling over, debris all over the place….and this is ok on the outside???? The point for you dear Judy, is that you can talk the talk, but you run away from standing beside your word. Defend all day, but lock the doors tight. You want to show how reputable you are? SHOW IT!!!!! Stop yapping your jaws at how you love the dogs and the breeds and they are so well taken care of. Perhaps if more breeders like you actually allowed people to see what is going on, people wouldnt be so taken aback. When you shut people out instead of facing the accustaions with something besides your tongue, you are the one leading the charge of what the rest of us are saying. You can say the grass is blue all day long but I wont believe it until I see it. You are trash just like Julies, wether you are related or not. And you are an outstanding liar and coward. Perhaps you, Julie, Carolyn and the horrendous Betsy Fickle should go have lunch and fight over the check with your mill money. Yours truly, KATT

  • Canine Friend

    @Denise Clark, How many Puppy Mills or auctions have you been at Denise? It’s always alarming when a person prides themselves on caring about animals to the point they are a licensed Rescue yet make excuses for this kind of white trash pet care.
    And when they take donations from a Puppy Mill owner and call the black and white barbaric care of defenseless dogs a judgement, that makes it real hard to consider you a friend to the animals.

    You’re pretty new on the scene Denise, you would better off to open your ears, eyes and nose and get off the couch and “inspect” these places you feel are misunderstood in between caring for your own defenseless fosters in your care.
    Maybe you could do the Puppy Millers and dogs a favor and start a support group for wayward Puppy Mill (prisoners) owners, and leave the Rescue work to those who are interested in holding all animal abusers accountable while hoping they are never allowed animals in their care again.

    There is no place in a “humane” society for these places, and anyone who thinks we just need to all get along, like you rub my back I’ll rub yours, needs a lobotomy! Because in my opinion, that’s “crazy” thinking.

  • Canine Friend

    Is Julies jewel’s son Amish, as that would fit right into the mix!
    He needs to use a bar of soap on himself and free the dogs, set them free, be a hero sir.
    Break the family cycle of animal abuse.

  • fortheloveofdogs

    You are twisting her words Canine Friend. Denise is not supporting puppy mills. She HAS been to them! Why do you think this is her passion to bring in dogs that have never known a life outside of a Puppy Mill? She is saying there needs to be a new solution. Instead of everyone bickering back and forth, come up with a new plan that works. Denise’s success is proof positive that what she is doing is working.

    • Canine Friend

      Well then, why are you speaking for Denise “loveofdogs”?

      She’s spouting off here plenty, by all means share Denise, share your findings, don’t leave us guessing. Give us your Puppy Mill ratings, since those investigating Puppy Mills not hobnobbing with the dog slave drivers don’t know what their talking about.
      So please, enlighten us!
      I’m at the edge of my seat to hear all the wonderful things going on in the mass producing puppymill hell holes.

      And Julies Jewels on a 1-10 scale gets a ?
      I give her a minus1042
      The only Jewels found at Julies are intact males.
      All mammals there need to be spayed and neutered and then progress may be in sight. We heard her offspring speak and it’s not looking real promising for society or the dogs.
      Break the cycle please!

      • fortheloveofdogs

        Wow Canine Friend you exemplify what the problem is here. So much time spent spouting off and being rude to other people who are actually trying to help. Instead of spewing hatred what are YOU doing to help find a solution to the problem? I am not “speaking for” Denise. I MYSELF have taken in MANY of the puppy mill dogs she has rescued as a Volunteer Home so I can speak for myself thank you very much as to how much she has done. I have seen first hand what these dogs go through. I have worked relentlessly to get them to trust me…to know what love is…to know what it is like to have their paws touch grass for the first time…and then to have them become so bonded with you because they know you have SAVED them from the hell they were in. It is hard. Very hard to see these dogs, help them to become socialized and then when the time comes let them go so they can go to their forever homes. So to see you attack her when I have witnessed first hand how these dogs have forever had their lives changed because of her is honestly quite disturbing. She is actually doing something about the problem while everyone else just bickers and fights about it and nothing is getting done to solve the problem. I am someone actually doing something to help the DOGS. Isn’t that what it all should be about? Saving dogs? Aren’t we all ultimately wanting the same thing? What good does it do to spew all this vile hatred? I may be only helping one at a time, but for that one dog I helped change it’s world….and at the end of the day that is what really matters. Another life spared. I know I am new to the rescue world, but I expect better manners out of my children than what I witness from adults on this topic and it just deters away from the ultimate goal of working for the DOGS.

      • Canine Friend

        She is not doing anything about the problem, she is taking in their culls, the ones they don’t want. She is changing nothing as far as putting a stop to these disgusting places.
        There are NO free Mill dogs, unless you choose not to fully Vet them.

        No one is attacking Clark, it is being pointed out she is wrong, period.
        And her asinine handling of Mary LaHays personal/private email to her only shows that she’s an immature show boater and will say anything to get herself attention or a donation.
        Outside of the fact how she portrayed Mary LaHays email was in reality nothing like it really was.

        What I read was, you are spinning your wheels if all you do is pull Mill dogs. I agree, nothing will change by only “rescuing” Mill dogs, you have to change the Laws, you have to hold these people accountable.
        Or how about you all get into the ARL and save some of those on the chopping block, see how that works for you.

        If Clark wants to run a “Rescue” in that manner, her choice, just likes it’s a choice for the ARL to kill mass numbers of adoptable animals.
        And it’s a choice for trashy Puppy Mill owners to force their dogs to live in fear, despair and filth.

        Clark does not represent the reputable Rescues in Iowa in more ways then one.

  • tanya

    I was a Chihuahua breeder akc ckc for many years,, first few years I let ppl in my personal home and area of puppies till one day my house got broke into and I had 3 of my momma dogs missing and my chmp stud stolen from me, from that point on NO one was allowed in my home to see my furbabies and my place, I had nothing to hide but I wasn’t letting ppl in to scope out my house either. never did get my dogs back, as that was before micrchipping was popular,

    • Canine Friend

      Tanya, good to hear this was all in past tense, and you aren’t breeding the “furbabies” anymore. That’s awesome news.
      But then I have never heard a breeder say I hate my dogs and neglect them.

      You have to just love all the cuddly names they have for their places, sounds so warm and fuzzy and special from afar.
      Kute Kozy K In Redding, Faithful Friends Kennel in Bedford, Kelley’s Kennel in Kellerton, Pee Vine Kennels and Platinum Puppies that are both in West Point.
      Julie’s Jewells
      The one that matches the best is PEE Vine, the urine smell is just explosive. Good choice.

  • Deadmanwalking

    Witch hunts now or witch hunts during the dark ages, they are all the same. Make a claim, seek out the villain, have a quick, mock trial, then burn them at the stake. The superstitious nature of man is to kill anything it doesn’t understand. Men are always led by zealots that are quick to hold their victims feet to the fire. These zealots don’t want to just kill their victims, they need to mock them publicly, they have to glorify themselves as they torture them, they proclaim to the heavens their righteous authority over them, then and only then, they will “mercifully” kill them.
    Pick an “evil” in our society, then look at the ones that are proclaiming that it needs to be eliminated. These are the people that are destroying the civilization they are so desperately trying to protect. By creating laws so strict that no one can obey them without tremendous financial burden, they drive individuals to break the law just to stay in business. A perfect animal breeder will never exist, yet, you have to be perfect or be forced out of business.
    We are creating a world were everyone is afraid to look out the window for fear that the boogie man will see them and devour their soul. If everything is evil, evil is the rule and not the exception. At what point do you start to grasp the idea of self fulfilling prophecy?

    The pathway to Hades will be littered with the bodies of the not so righteous, righteous zealot.

  • Betsy Fickel

    Time and again, it is noted that out right lies are purported as truth.There is shrieking about xxxx, yet the shrieker has not ever been to or in a particular situation, but professes to be in the know. Example – the claim that Judy Peterson is a realtive to Julie Peterson.

    So in the essence of clarity and truth, would Nancy please trace the lineage to prove her statement? Nancy, we await the validation.

    Or, has so often happens, when pressed for resources as proof, it is either ignored, subject matter veers off in another direction, personal attacks are launched for yet another unsubstantiated tirade. All to distract from the fact the shrieker does NOT have truth or facts.

  • Betsy Fickel

    Seems, Denisecarolclark made a good point about it being about the dogs. Along with Judy Peterson, offer a helping hand instead of the vicious verbal slaughter, instead of the emulation of self.

    IMO, oft times, it is seems that instead of cleaning up disturbing psychological factors within their own lives, it is much easier to project and vilify others.

    I was recently at an event sponsored by Petco and Petfinder aimed at shelters/rescues. As a commercial breeder, I am willing to learn care issues regardless of sourcing.

    One incident I observed was extremely distrubing and may be an indicator for self examination before pointing fingers at breeders. We continually her the hysteria about how breeders do not “properly” care for their animals nor give one whit about their health and well being. Really? Chew on this and explain why. Educate me with facts, not emotion.

    There was a dog in possession by a rescue there that upon inquiry as to its condition, that was noticably stressed. It had a leg removed due to bone cancer TWO days prior to being taken to this event. TWO DAYS!!!

    The swelling was obvious and a bit later in the day, it was noted that a towel with ice had been applied to the now weeping incision.

    So why? The person explained they could not leave the dog unattended at home to be able to attend this event. Really? Drag a large dog out that just have very major surgery so you could do your thing? Why not have one of your volunteers come watch the dog? Or why not just stay home to be with the dog?

    Was it really about the well being of the dog??????

  • denisecarolclark

    I will respond to your questions but I seriously doubt it will matter at all….

    I have been to true puppy mills and rescued dogs that were frozen to the ice and had to have water poured on them to release them. That was reported and the breeder is OUT OF BUSINESS.

    I have been to commercial breeders facilities that were immaculate and the dogs were happy and well cared for.

    Every commercial breeder that I work with is advised that if I see intentional abuse, I will report it. That is where I draw the line and everyone knows that.

    If a breeder calls and wants help with their dogs I am willing. I would absolutely work with Julie in lessening her load so that the dogs remaining would have better living condtions.

    I have seen improvements in the living conditions of many breeders that we have taken dogs from. I see that as a good thing.

    I do NOT support true puppy mills. I hate the horrid conditions just as much as anyone else.

    I believe that a dog has the right to live regardless of where it happens to be housed.

    I believe that there are many ways to approach problems and that brainstorming can work if everyone is respectful of others and does not resort to namecalling.

    I do not attend auctions as I refuse to purchase dogs. I do know and respect people who do attend auctions. That is their way and that is fine. I am glad they are able to help those dogs.

    How is what I’m doing working for me? It doesn’t matter. I am not the focus. The dogs are. The dogs are benefiting and it is working very well for them.

    I respect and admire Tom Colvin from the ARL. He has a very difficult job and is put in horrible situations. I challenge any of us to do what he does everyone with NO complaints from the public. Tom is an awesome man with a good heart. He has a job that requires him to make hard decisions.

    If I have not addressed your question, please ask again. I will say I do not condone the hateful, rageful method of dealing with anything. It just doesn’t work very well.

    • Canine Friend

      Nice speech. Lot’s of I’s in there for not focusing on yourself.
      And Betsy paid you how much to say this? Oops I mean donated to you.
      Looks like the ARL has a new member on their Board.

      • denisecarolclark

        I respect Tom Colvin and will continue to do so.

        I do not know Betsy Fickle personally but yes, she has donated to Second Chance and I have thanked her for that. She donates because she knows I am trying to help the dogs where other rescues refuse to help and are willing to let the dogs die.

        What facts do you have the prove Betsy Fickle to be a puppy miller rather than a breeder? Not suppositions…..facts? How do you define puppy mill? Everyone seems to have a different opinion on that.

  • denisecarolclark

    Canine Friend, I did go to Iowa Voters for Companion Animals some time ago and I was advised that I should let the dogs die with the breeders and that I was cleaning up the breeders trash. It’s hard for me to respect that kind of thinking.

    • Mary LaHay

      I would never use these sensationalized words to express our organization’s stand on the rescuing of dogs from puppy mills. Our organization does advocate for a reasonable business agreement between rescues and breeders where rescues would only accept dogs from breeders who agree to pay for all vet expenses related to preparing the dog for adoption. Thank you. Mary LaHay – Founder, Iowa Friends of Companion Animals / Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.

      • denisecarolclark

        Mary, when I went to you through email you responded with those words. I can reprint the email here if you like….Are these your words?

        “Taking their DISCARDED dogs usages the breeder’s guilt – they’re giving those dogs over to rescue because they have some semblance of a conscience, otherwise they’d do what many other breeders do – simply kill the dogs – and perhaps if rescues refused to take those dogs they’d reconsider putting more dogs into breeding-service because they don’t like dealing with the fallout when they stop being useful.

      • Canine Friend

        MLH, ignore those who side with Puppy Mills and high Kill Shelters.
        Not worth a second of your time, in fact I just wasted time commenting on such drivel by one who has barely gotten off the couch to know what is going on out there. Been to Puppy Mills?, please. The one thing about Facebook and social media is that you can make yourself sound real BIG with little to no proof with any of it.

        Keep up the good work, change will never come from those who just take in dogs and don’t get off their arse to do anything else to change laws to really help change the lives of the thousands stuck in these disgusting, trashy places.

      • Phyl

        We agree with Mary LaHay, however the contract with taking the used up stock breeding dogs from puppy mills needs to go further than just providing the necessary veterinary care to prepare the dogs for re-homing….what about the long years of psychological abuse and neglect perpetrated by substandard puppy mill conditions? What about the long term causes of lack of proper socialization of the puppies/dogs? Sounds like the breeders are dumping their used up “stock” on rescues/shelters We have read thru the comments..sounds like the pup millers looked for and found a way to dispose of their no longer profitable commodity on “do-gooders”. Then how does the taking in of the culled stock for a puppy millers stop the cycle of puppy mills?

  • Rita Whiteley

    i have read most all the comments on this page most are so stupid , sorry people but breeding of dogs and cats in this country is out of control all puppy mills are BAD and wrong in the running weather you want to see this or not its wrong animals are liveing things and desreve to be more then profit for people caring more about the money the the care of these poor voiceless animals if you dont care for animals then leave them alone all living things on this planet deserve to live and have lifes these are not zealots they are people that care some of you might want to look up this word to see what it really means sorry o all the back woods people that only see what they might have learned from pappy back in the day some school might help yall out some as one poor guy said got a puppy and it was sick so how are the other dogs caged animals are not happy animals puppy mills are wrong and cruel and all need to be stopped and will be soory for all you people makeing money better to to school and learn a trade you WILL be out of work soon and your poor animals taken and given good homes where they belong not bred to death and starved so YOU make money GET a job and let the animals alone i feel most so called breeder dont even have the right to have A dog let alone 100s of them so get smart we care about out world and ALL liveing things in it and WE are getting stronger daily so your out animals are in in our books

  • Interesting!

    Miss Clark, for someone who wasn’t making it about them-self you used the word I at least 20 times in your last speech.
    I wasn’t sure if I should give a standing ovation or just cringe.

    You speak against other Rescues that they don’t have the toil and trouble like poor Tom Colvin the 6 figure self promoting guru on animal welfare issues that you hold in the highest regard
    Claiming he has no choice but to kill, BS, he sure does.
    They do not have to be an open admission Shelter, they are because they are in bed with animal control which is run by his son,.
    Now, like others have asked, please get the kill and save numbers. You sound like you and Tom know each other pretty well.
    Be a hero and get the numbers that they would not turn over even after legal steps were taken to get them
    All REPUTABLE Rescues take plenty of crap off people, the only difference, they don’t get paid for it.
    You do not speak for the many Rescues who came before you, and that’s many, those who have done this work for years and done it well.

    One minute you’re the Pit Bull expert and Savior, the next it’s Puppy Mills, what’s next, Board Member of the ARL?

    What Puppy Mills have you been to, name names, why the secrecy?
    You have no problem calling out Mary LaHay who has done more for Mill dogs then any other person in this State as far as legislation, and that is the only thing that will bring down the Puppy Mills.
    That’s interesting you have time to keep track of everyone’s comments made to you, sounds rather vindictive and middle school behavior.

    Calling peoples comments rage, hateful? Really?
    You outed yourself as one who exaggerates by how you portrayed Mary LaHay’s private email to you. Grow up, how immature.

    What I find hateful and outRAGEous is dogs and cats killed behind closed doors at a place that sets themselves up as the #1 refuge for a homeless pet to land.
    I find it ugly and horrific that anyone who puts a Rescue label on their name would in any manner get on here and speak against Rescues or Mary LaHay, in the same comment as they praise A high Kill Shelter Director and appear to believe there is a way to run a Puppy Mill appropriately.

    Thank God for the ones who are not afraid to speak the truth, unafraid to speak out and expose those doing the most sinister things to animals under the guise of Animal Welfare while being paid. Those unafraid to speak out against the real victims, the animals stuck in hell at these wretched places be they High Kill Shelters or Puppy Mills.

    You appear to just want to spin your wheels and grab up Mill dogs, (there are no free Mill dogs, they cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to Vet), plaster all your good works on Facebook and relish in the spotlight. But it’s not about you?
    Though we know it’s very easy to make a little seem like a lot on social media.

    This mindset of you Miss Clark is very dangerous, it appears it’s more important to you to be pals with those who hurt them the most then with those who expose them.
    You appear to have all these connections to Puppy Mills, those who run them, the Colvin dynasty. Sorry, I don’t buy any of it. Talk is cheap, name names, share numbers, let’s see pictures, how many reports have you made of neglect and abuse at all these Mills you are partnering with, until then it’s just talk and hog wash.

    Now precede with some more of your infinite wisdom.
    No surprise that notorious Commercial Breeder Betsy Fickle has given Ms Clark a compliment and also has donated to her.

  • fortheloveofdogs

    Canine Friend – So are you saying that just because these dogs happened to be dealt the hand of being a breeder dog, they are LESS than other dogs? That they don’t deserve to be saved instead of killed? I guess all animals are not equal? I am sitting here next to my current rescue buddy in my home right now wondering if you are saying she deserved a bullet in her head rather than a chance at life that Denise gave her. I have been through the entire process from beginning to end and these dogs ARE free and are COMPLETELY vetted. One of the vets we work with is right around the corner from where I work and I have been there to pick up when they are done. It sounds like there is just a whole lot of bitterness there because she is actually saving lives while all you are doing is showing how abusive with your words you can be behind a screen name. At least Denise isn’t afraid to show hers. Tammy Van Gorp is mine. And for the record, she doesn’t just take in puppy mill dogs she takes in any dog that needs help get your facts straight. If you are going to be spewing hatred at least have your facts together. Saying she is not reputable….your facts are not reputable. The last 3 dogs that I personally have worked with did NOT come from Puppy Mills. This is not a competition. It is so sad all you do is hate on Denise and don’t provide any solutions as to how to fix it and clearly don’t give a crap about the dogs that are currently trapped in these mills in these horrid conditions. I would love to bring Tara, one of my former rescues I had in my home from a puppy mill to you, and have you look into her sweet little face and tell her she doesn’t matter because she was dealt the bad hand of being a breeder dog. Luckily for Tara, someone else saw her worth and she has since been adopted and in her forever home, living the life she soooooo deserved. You tear down Denise and say she is not reputable….what does this say about your reputation? You don’t give a crap about these dogs currently trapped in the mills if you are going to say she is not reputable just because she is doing something NOW for them, instead of waiting for a solution and letting thousands die in the meantime like you are. Stop slandering and start acting and put some walk behind all your talk.

    • Canine Friend

      This woman you speak of, this DC is bringing all this on herself with her sickening lushing over some of the trashiest places and people to touch animals. NO reputable Rescue or person will partner with her nor play a part in getting her animals.
      She takes this movement back 20 years, rather reminds me of those who thought slavery and womens rights were not necessary.
      One who treated the slaves a little better by calling them a servant then the slave master calling them a slave.
      The lack of respect for these voiceless creatures is appalling, there is no hope for you people.
      If this is what Rescue mentality is in 2014, forget it, might as well go to the breeder and buy a dog. Or buy from a Puppy Mill since Denise seems to think all these places are not Puppy Mills.

  • denisecarolclark

    So do your so called “culls” deserve to die simply because they have been part of a breeding facility? Why should those dogs have to die? What people do as far as legalities is wonderful! I admire and respect that. What I am doing is a different piece of it all. Can you respect that? No, because the only way is your way. I can see that what you do has benefit but you can not see that our saving dogs that would otherwise die has benefit. I will continue to do what I do and you continue to do what you do.

    I copied Mary LaHays comments straight from her email. I only did that to prove that she did indeed say what I said she did. If she had not denied it, I would not have needed to prove it.

    I DID take a donation from a breeder. I thought that was Mary LaHays suggestion….that they help with the costs of the medical to get the dogs taken care of? Was that not Mary LaHays suggestion? You should check our financial reports that we post on Facebook to see how much our donations are. We are not inundated with donations. We don’t seek out cash on a regular basis. We ask for the THINGS the dogs need, not money. We do not have a bank account with $100,000. in it and then beg for more money to feed the dogs as many rescues do. We do exploit the commercial breeder dog and turn them into attention getting donation drives. We operate on a very strict budget. Check your facts before you make accusations.

    And I will continue to take donations from whomever offers to help. If it is believed that breeders contribute to the overpopulation problems, why shouldn’t they help resolve those problems? If it means our dogs get the care they need, so be it.

    As far as not “helping” change situations…..when we started, several places we went to were in very bad shape. Due to lessening the number of dogs in their care, the conditions have improved drastically to the point of the dogs getting much better care! That makes a difference in those dogs’ lives!

    Oh, and why can’t you use your real name so we know who we are talkiing to? Canine Friend, why do you hide behind a fake name? I put my REAL name on here? Wasn’t it said that if there is nothing to hide, people are open? What about you? Who are you?

    • Canine Friend

      You blame Mary LaHay for taking a donation from one of the worst owners of a Puppymills???? OMG! This takes the cake!
      This is to much. Fortunately like someone else said on here, you can’t just block people who call you out on your “Rescue” page or like the ARL does.
      You three actually make the puurfect trio.
      Puppy Mill+High Kill Shelter+Bogus Rescue=BS and dead dogs.

    • Phyl

      Believe you need to address the question of culled no longer viable money making breeding animals to the breeders. Have you done that? On the other hand….. TRUE responsible dog breeders take RESPONSIBILITY for the lives they have created for the entire lifetime of those dogspups. Do you realize that?

  • denisecarolclark

    Maybe if so many “no kill” rescues and shelters didn’t send their unwanted dogs to ARL, the ARL would not have to have such high numbers of dogs being euthanized!!!!!

  • Interesting?

    Where do you come from with your information DC?
    Kill shelters kill animals because no kill Rescues take pets to them?? What??? You got to get out off the Internet and educate yourself. Maybe people dont want to give their name for fear they cant get into the Kill Shelters to save them if they speak out? But then theyd never do that now would they? Its all about the animals in those places. You sure do need to educate yourself on Kill Shelters and Puppy Mills.
    You sure do have every right to run a Rescue how you choose as long as you aren’t neglecting the animals.
    You are able to take a donation from a notorious Puppy Mill owner if you choose for “medical” help. But the old saying that you are the company you keep rings true as well.

  • Interesting?

    What reputable Rescue sends their foster pets to the ARL or any other high kill Shelter. Isn’t happening.

  • denisecarolclark

    Now who’s head is in the sand? Rescues try all kinds of shenanigans to keep themselves “no kill”. I’ve seen it. Then they talk crap about the ARL who is forced to do the job they refuse to do. They keep their name clean and further soil the name of the ARL.

    Actually, the company I keep is with dogs and I am just fine with that. Much better class of friends.

    People don’t give their names because they hide behind the internet. At least Lisa Kuehl spoke her piece with her own name. She did not hide.

    We take in stays. We take in owners surrenders. And we have helped shelters with dogs as well. You still need to check your facts.

    Why do other rescues only publicize their adoption numbers? Where are the numbers for their dogs that have been euthanized? Or the numbers for the dogs that have been transferred? Let’s be transparent if there is nothing to hide!

    • Canine Friend

      You just can’t get enough of the ARL, can’t speak highly enough of them. Have you ever had your nose in there checking things out Denise?
      How are you taking care of all these Puppy Mill dogs, Pit Bulls and other pets you have saved from what sounds like you think are OK conditions if you are at the ARL, Puppy Mills, educating the masses with all your infinite wisdom.
      You are really way out there and I don’t mean in a progressive way, more like the dark ages.
      Maybe you can boot Colvins wife off the Board and take her seat at the ARL?

  • michelle

    Well…. AHeinz clearly has a lot of mommas expecting. Look into them. Lisa Kuehl you are still as crazy as ever. Caninefriends won’t use your real name because you are in the same “psycho” group as Lisa is!!! Its very humorous still that you continue to bash Denise and her rescue. Its been well over a year since you have even been there. You all are CRAZY PSYCHOs!!!!

    • Canine Friend

      So, Heinz 57 takes PG moms and puppies, so what, that’s her forte? From what I know she takes in many of harder to place dogs too, like many do and cares for them “PROPERLY” (that isn’t always taking place no matter how good some Rescues make it sound on social media) and that’s a good thing.

      Lisa Kuhel educates herself on the statistics of Puppy Mills and what that means for the dogs and shares it? She challenges evil. So what, that’s a good thing.

      Mary LaHay is front and center over anyone else who claims to be Puppy Mill experts that attempt to discredit her work and has stuck by the dogs and worked diligently to change the laws with little media attention, that’s a good thing.

      And Denise from 2nd Chance Dog Rescue is in bed with the Puppy Mills and High Kill Shelters, now, that’s a bad thing.

      The more she talks the more reputable advocates and Rescues head in the other direction. It’s just bizarre to read that wishy washy silliness.

      And many disagree that 2nd Chance has done more in one years then anyone else, passing off dogs with little to no criteria is nothing to wave the Rescue flag about. Not to mention some real horrific things that have taken place under their watch. Or dogs they’re supposed to be watching.
      No one appears to try and unload their dogs to just anyone more the 2nd Chance and when someone questions their choices or shows concerns, people are judging or mean spirited, or out to get her, it wouldn’t be they just care about the dogs now would it.
      Insane is right, on that we will agree.

      The End!

      • Canine Friend

        Speaking of Heinz Rescue and others. After checking 2nd chances facebook page it sure seems to have the market on the little easy to place higher adoption fee ones. I thought they were the Pit Bull Rescue experts, saving the ones no one else would. Looks to me like they are full of easy to place dogs, and I don’t see any Pit Bulls anymore. Have you deserted them after waving the Pit Bull Savior Flag? Picking and choosing like you accused others of doing?
        It takes certain volunteers to handle the harder to place dogs and cats including Pit Bulls and Puppy Mill dogs otherwise dogs and cats lose their lives.
        Looks like 2nd Chance and others have found their niche on the $$$ Rescue market.

        I can see why it’s a secret where she gets the dogs. It’s a cash cow for this Rescue.
        And you have learned how to be politically correct by saying Volunteer homes instead of foster homes or it would be illegal as you are not licensed properly to have foster homes.
        And foster homes have less oversight then the Rescue home address and many cats and dogs have ended up in bad foster homes unless the Director is overseeing where these animals are and how they are living.

        All about transparency.

  • michelle

    P.s. second Chance has helped and done more for dogs in a little over a year than all u nut jobs have done in the last 10 years. PSYCHOs!!!

  • denisecarolclark

    I can’t give out the names of breeders that are willing to send dogs to rescues rather than kill them because rescues will use the information to harass these people and MORE DOGS WILL DIE! I am not going to play this game with the dogs’ lives! I have said I respect what the law changers are doing. It’s a lot of work and very needed. Now let me do my small piece with the same respect.

    I do not boast about what we do on FB. Have you seen our FB page? We talk about the DOGS. I brag about the VOLUNTEERS who work for us and all they do. But I DO NOT BRAG ABOUT MYSELF!

    Does it really bother you that much that I simply exposed the FACTS of what Mary LaHay told me? I copied her email exactly as is. She accused me of not being honest about what she said so I copied it to here. I am NOT a liar.

    As far as Tom Colvin’s numbers and statistics, I can’t do anything about how they handle that. Our rescue is transparent. We publish it ALL, good, bad or otherwise. Where are your statistics for the rescues you speak so highly of. Sure we see their adoptions, but what about the rest?

  • denisecarolclark

    Oh and financial statistics as well? How much money do some of these shelters and rescues have banked while they continue to ask for money to pay for food and medical care? How much do you need? We publish our financial records. Do you?

    No one addresses my direct questions but I have tried to answer all of yours…..Who is hiding? Who is not willing to share their information yet want Tom Colvin to? Why is what is wrong for someone else not wrong for you?

    As far as being a “showboater”, as I was called, how many times have you seen me in the media? How often have you seen me publicly take credit for anything? I DON’T because IT HURTS THE DOGS I AM TRYING TO HELP.

    Any of you that hate so much….I invite you to come here and see what we do. I invite you to look in to the faces of many dogs who would not be alive now if it wasn’t for Second Chance and then tell me they don’t deserve to live!

  • denisecarolclark

    Or let’s talk about shelters/rescue and the awful things they do too. Let’s talk about the horrible conditions of some dogs that come in from private owners. Let’s talk about the underhandedness of EVERYONE. Let’s start calling rescues DOG FLIPPERS. Let’s just get all down and dirty and destroy ALL chances DOGS have of receiving the help they need!

    This whole thread is just insane. No wonder people won’t listen and it takes so long to accomplish anything. You refuse to see past your own noses! You rant and rave. You are downright mean to people. You make people WANT to hate YOU. It is ridiculous.

    People that know me know that it takes a lot for me to get really angry but the people who act like this are infuriating. You should be ashamed.

  • Betsy Fickel

    Denise, don’t feel alone in not having your questions answered directly.

    Been banned from several face book pages due to the fact that I would not be sucked into the diversionery tactics when some of these entities refused to give a direct answer. Instead, they chose to practice the Alinksy method of distract and divert.

    Always one or a couple of things would happen.

    1. Veer off in a different direction in avoidence of a direct answer, incapable of even a simple yes or no.

    2. Launch personal attacks instead of focusing on the issue as obviously did not have the resources or references asked for, just like you, to back up their statements. Oh, that brings me to, I wonder what I am so “notorious” about? Giggle. :)

    3. Silence,and disappearing from the discussion.

    4.Being banished from their face book pages.

    IMO, it is so sad that they may have some issues in their lives to feel so little self respect, that they feel the need to tear down and try to destroy those that don’t lock step march to them. Instead, they seek to bring down to their level so they don’t feel so alone.

    I believe I remember reading somewhere that when some individuals have pshcyological issues that are too painful for them to deal with, they feel temproarily better by focusing their anger and self hatred on someone else. They are in reality envious that those they seek to destroy have something in their makeup that they want, desire, are jealous of. Since they don’t want to addres those issues that prevent them from obtaining that desire, they instead revert to destoying those very entities they envy.

    Wish I would have kept that.

    Perhaps one should look at their shriekings from a different viewpoint….

  • fortheloveofdogs

    Wow, I am so glad I was busy SAVING DOGS and stayed out of this complete and utter disgusting debate over Denise’s creditability. SERIOUSLY. COME OUT to the rescue. If you were there last night you would have seen just how hard we work to give these dogs the life they deserve (AND VACCINATING since you try to say she doesn’t). COME OUT! Look at the bills! We spent $5000 on meds last month! And ARE YOU KIDDING ME on the “only highly adoptable dogs?” HOLY CRAP! Did you see Scruffy? He is missing 80% of his HAIR! YES, he is HIGHLY adoptable! Sweet Sasha is missing an ear. A lot of them have no teeth from no care. EVERYONE wants a dog with no teeth! And apparently you didn’t look closely because we have 2 pit bulls…one in a Volunteer Home and I watched one’s Kennel being cleaned last night by Denise’s husband while I was bathing dogs. These dogs come and they are PETRIFIED…but yes. HIGHLY adoptable when you have to chase them down to get them? YOU PEOPLE ARE INSANE! Part of the reason that this Rescue is a success is because of the amazing Volunteer Homes we have that work with these dogs….socialize them and get them ready to be in permanent homes, PLUS the fact that Denise and her husband spend almost every waking minute with them IN a home type setting, NOT kenneled all the time and gaining these dog’s trust.

    Quit avoiding all of the questions and answer my question Canine Friend. Do these dogs deserve to DIE because they were born into a breeders hands? That is great you are trying to change laws. Like Denise said, this is HER part of the puzzle to help these dogs. We can’t wait for the laws to change when dogs are dying EVERY DAY up until then. OF COURSE she isn’t going to release names or they will no longer trust her and then what happens….THEY ALL DIE AGAIN! It is much easier for a puppy mill to just kill them than turn them over! You people are truly insane.

    I have got to quit looking back at this thread or you people will drive me to insanity like you already are. Denise has NOTHING to hide. Go visit. Her stats are on the Facebook Page. 100% transparent. Get a clue and shut up and do your piece of the puzzle and leave us to do ours. This is ridiculous. PETTY JEALOUSLY that she is making it in the rescue world. You are the reason people bury their heads in the sand and want to pretend the problem isn’t there. As a newbie I want to RUN and go back to being naïve. Horrible people! And you say you are doing this in the name of dogs. Say we are doing NOTHING. I sure wish you would have shown up last night while I was drenched in dirty bathwater bathing and vaccinating these dogs that ACCORDING TO YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!!!!!! How do you pick and choose what dog is “worthy” of saving! Come look them in the EYES and then say they should still be dead! If she supported Puppy Mills do you REALLY think she would be getting the dogs out of the situation? Good grief. SICK!!!! But you are out there to protect ALL dogs. My breath is useless. You are just hateful human beings that refuse see there needs to be something done in the meantime until the laws can change.

  • denisecarolclark

    A photographer was here today and said something that is going to become my mantra: A life saved is a life saved. Loved that!

  • denisecarolclark

    Phyll, for the dogs that come to our rescue and then eventually get to their forever homes, it means EVERYTHING! As I said “A life saved is a life saved.” Again, I respect what people are doing to close down true puppy mills. I just don’t think dogs should be left to die in the meantime.

    • Phyl

      Realty check! Dogs and puppies are dying every day, simply because there are not enough homes for them all. That reality will continue until the opportunist commercial puppy millers are stopped. Our question was “Then how does the taking in of the culed stock for a puppy miller stop the cycle of puppy mills?

      • denisecarolclark

        Phyl, I absolutely hate the names the dogs are called here and one of those names is “culled stock”. These are dogs and they should not be put on suicide duty to “stop the cycle of puppy mills”. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

        We cannot stop the cyle of breeding in Iowa. It is an unrealistic goal. We can stop true puppy mills though. Shutting down is not the only solution. It depends on how the facility got to be a puppy mill….was it intentional? Those places should be shut down! Absolutely! But what if it was the result of something else? What if things truly did get out of hand? Where is the compassion in this world anymore? If we help lessen the numbers in those places, the remaining dogs get better care and the place can get back in order again.

        All breeders are not puppy mills just as all rescues are not flippers. I would love to take several breeder income tax reports and several rescue income tax reports and lay them side by side. There are amazing, awesome rescues in Iowa but there are also many awful ones. Should we close them all down because some are not good? I just don’t understand….

        Again, just for clarification I do NOT support true puppy mills just as I do NOT support horrible rescues that are in it for the money and nothing else.

        Why is it that I always respond to people’s questions clearly but no one ever answers mine? What do the people here have to hide?

  • Phyl

    Reality of the word cull means to pick out, to select. That is exactly what the pup millers are doing with their used up….. no longer a money maker for them. Iowa defines dogs in the commercial breeding faciltiies as livestock and that is how livestock producers, talk about culling their herds, flocks, stock. That is why the puppy millers cosy up the the Farm Bureau to come under their protective wing. Disagree with you, the tide is changing and that includes Iowa, commercial dog breeders in Iowa will be a thing of the past and it will happen in our lifetime. Your sentences ” Why is it that I always respond to people’s questions clearly but no one ever answers mine? What do the people here have to hide.” Believe this is an earlier comment by you” I can’t give out the names breeders that are willing to send dogs to rescues rather than kill them, because rescues will use that information to harass these people and more dogs will die!” So you have a crystal ball and can see into the future and know that by sharing that information they will be harassed? Really? And we also noticed you keep hammering the “true puppy mills” We take offense at that adjective you are so fond of, “true” and link it with puppy mills. And what only two options open to a puppy millers give the used up clulled stock to a rescue or kill them? How about they be responsible for the dogs they have used and they find good caring homes for the used up breeding dogs? Don’t they find good caring permanent homes for the pups those dogs have produced? Well then they should be able to do just that. These are business people right?

  • denisecarolclark

    The question was about the breeders names. I answered the question by saying I could not give out the names. The answer does not have to be what you want it to be, to be an answer. I did respond.

    If all commercial dog breeders are put out of business who will fill the demand for puppies? There will still be a demand. Where will they come from? Rescues turned breeders? And if there are “no” commercial breeders there will be no laws regarding them, correct? What happens then? The breeding industry will go underground and operate with no regulations. Then what happens to the dogs?

    In all this conversation, if it can be called that, there does not seem to be concern for the dogs TODAY, the ones who need help today, the ones who cannot wait for laws to change. Are all those dogs just the victims of the humans who don’t care about them right now? Do we just not see the faces of the dogs who need help now? How can you sleep at night knowing dogs are dying that COULD BE HELPED? I go to sleep wondering how to get people to understand. It is not about helping breeders. It is about helping dogs.

    There is good and bad associated with ALL things….breeders and rescues included. A rescue should not be able to look past those dogs who need help now. Many other rescues don’t. We are not the only ones who help these dogs. Other rescues just don’t speak out for fear of being treated the way we are being treated. I admire those who are trying to change laws and make things better for the animals. My job though, is to help the dogs now. Hopefully we will get to a time where the laws will be sufficient to ensure that ALL breeders and ALL rescues have to abide by the same standards and ALL animals will have a safe, happy place to live.

  • denisecarolclark

    Diane…or oops “canine friend”, I understand why you didn’t use your real name. People know you. Yes, I am newer to dog rescue than you are. But maybe some new ideas and new thinking are in order here. Afterall, what has been being done is not working. Maybe the people who have been in rescue a very long time and are burnt out and too angry to calmly have a decent conversation with anyone who does not do as they say, should excuse themselves. You do not have to be cruel to people to state your position. You do not have to resort to name calling and underhanded tactics to get your point across. Your anger and your hatred are well known and very unwelcome to many.

    • Phyl

      Canine Friend…..great responses..wonderful insight into social intelligence, leadership and innovation!

  • Phyl

    Sorry you missed the part about responsible breeders. Why did you miss that part of the equation? Simply put a dog breeder should be held responsible for the lives they have produced for the entire lifetime of those dog/pups they have created, that is what responsible dog breeders do. They keep track of the pups they have created for their entire lifetime and are willing to take back any of those pups/dogs no matter what in their life time.. Imagine that no need for rescues/shelters to fix up a money/how much can I get breeder problem? Lets just continue your part about absolutes. all commercial breeders would be put out of business where would puppies come from? Responsible breeders would be the first thought. Your comment ” The breeding industry will go underground and operate with no regulations. Then what happens to the dogs?” This is not the 1920’s and bootleg whiskey… we respect that people are more educated and keep abreast of what is happening. Furthermore…in the TRUE business world strategic planning vs tactical planning. When a pup miller CHOSE to engage in the industry of breeding dogs, why would they not have researched all aspects and taken in account how to deal with them. Unless they are one sighted and dumb as post they should have known and researched all aspects of the industry before engaging, that is the TRUE business world.

  • denisecarolclark

    You hold the dog breeders responsbile. I will continue to help the DOGs whenever I can! If you want to focus on people answer the questions about rescues. I have asked…no one responds. Isn’t that the same as “hiding”?

    And this question has not been answered yet: So do your so called “culls” deserve to die simply because they have been part of a breeding facility? Why should those dogs have to die?


    Where are your statistics for the rescues you speak so highly of? Sure we see their adoptions, but what about the rest?

  • Phyl

    Reality check once again.. no animal deserves to die! What an odd thought! Look up the word deserve Major disturbing that you would use that to describe the condemning to death of animals because there are not enough homes, yet you are hand and glove with puppy mill producers. When you take in their used up culls do they down size or just put a new breeding dog in the small cage and breed on? Taking no responsibility for their part in clogging up shelters/rescues? As we stated 21 May 2014 7:00AM ” TRUE responsible dog breeders take RESPONSIBLITY for the lives they have created for the entire lifetime of thos dogspups. Do you realize that?” You have not answered that. Are you saying puppy mill dogs deserve more of a chance at life than any other dog/pup? Isn’t that just a matter of semantics? Do not see you as helping any animal just acerbating an all ready bad situation. However…. then you found a niche/gravy train. Sad for the lives that will be lost because of that!

  • denisecarolclark

    Your words, ” no animal deserves to die! ” We agree on something!

    I think the dogs that we have taken in, who are now in homes being loved and well cared for, would disagree that they have not been “helped” by Second Chance. They are alive and that’s good enough for me.

  • denisecarolclark

    No gravy train here….barely the potatoes! Again, look at our financials. If you find gravy, let me know because I missed it!

    I do realize that some breeders take responsiblity for a dog throughout the life of that dog.

    Rescues and shelters should also take RESPONSIBILITY for the lives they saved but often don’t. We get a lot of calls asking that we take a dog because the rescue or shelter that adopted it out won’t take the dog back. And then there are other rescues who adopt the dog out and then go steal it out of someone’s yard and readopt it out later…..a double fee!

    Like I’ve said good and bad everywhere….

  • Phyl

    Sorry do not accept your pie in the sky comments about this shelter/rescue does this and that You failed to respond to the question….”When you take in their used up culls do they down size or just put a new breeding dog in their small cage and breed on?” “Like I’ve said good and bad everywhere” quite a similiar quote from Betsy
    Fickel private message to us totally out of the blue a number of years ago. Dah…good and bad in any of life challenges why feel the need to push it?

  • denisecarolclark

    this question has not been answered yet: So do your so called “culls” deserve to die simply because they have been part of a breeding facility? Why should those dogs have to die?
    Where are your statistics for the rescues you speak so highly of? Sure we see their adoptions, but what about the rest?
    Oh, and can you define puppy mill?

    In response to your question: “When you take in their used up culls do they down size or just put a new breeding dog in their small cage and breed on?” I do not know. All I know is that the dog we brought in is going to get taken care of and we will search for a home for that dog. I do not control what other people do.

    Let’s see if you directly answer my questions now.
    I’ve also asked what makes Betsy Fickle a puppy mill vs a commercial breeder? In looking up her inspection report, I don’t see any marks against her? It was said she was one of the worst breeders ever but she is not on USDA’s 101 Worst list. How did that happen that she missed the list?

  • denisecarolclark

    Oh, and could you explain what you mean by “pie in the sky comments”? I looked it up, really I did and it doesn’t make any sense to me. :)

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