TRACK TITLE: Secret To Albia’s Success

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In the movie Hoosiers, the small town of Hickory proves itself the best basketball team in the state, regardless of size.

At the Drake Relays, Albia’s 4x400m team did the same in track and field. On the final day, in the final race of the Relays, history was made.

Albia won their first ever Relay title.

It was Hoosiers-esque. Albia is the smallest school to win the 4x400 in 95 years. The Blue Demons took down all the big schools, and it felt good.

"It’s always been a dream to accomplish something at that level, coming from a small school it shows it’s not always the big schools that have all the great athletes,” Alex Schultz says.

But what makes this relay team unique, happens before they even step on the track.

Before every race, Alex Schultz, Luke Sarver, Brett Leshen and Ryan Sarver huddle up and pray.

But they don't pray for victory.

"We pray for courage, strength, and thank God for the gifts he's given us to use,” Sarver says.

"They're not praying to go out and crush their opponents, not praying to dominate and to win, they're praying they have a good showing and represent the school,” coach Todd Ratliff said.

Four runners, one team - the best in the state and the best Albia has ever seen.


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