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VIETNAM VETERANS: Recognition Day Held

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On May 7th, 1975 President Gerald Ford officially announced the end of the Vietnam War.

Iowans met to mark the anniversary with a special ceremony Wednesday.

The special recognition event was held at the Iowa Vietnam Memorial located on the south side of the state capitol.

About 115,000 Iowans from all branches of the military served in the war. Their average age was 19.

Of those, 869 Iowans became casualties of the war. Five Iowans earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for their bravery.

“We must not let others forget. Not just Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day or events such as this but every day. By the way, we’ve done a pretty good job up to this point to not let others forget,” president and CEO of Casey’s, Robert Myers, said. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran.

This was the 7th annual recognition ceremony.