IOWA ENERGY: The Energy Behind The Scenes

The Iowa Energy lives up to its name thanks in no small part to Chris Makris.

It's all retro now. The logo, the jerseys even the purple and orange walls.

“I actually painted that wall,” the general manager said. “I guess I do a little bit of everything.”

Chris Makris' most recent remodeling job helped turn an organization from scratch to being a part of a NBA franchise.

“Seven years ago when this team just started, it was just a dream. We picked a name and those sort of things. We literally had an eight foot table and our cell phones and we started calling people,” Makris said. “With all the stories I could probably write a book about it.”

There's no time for that just yet. With the affiliation, Makris also joins the Memphis Grizzlies organization as head of Minor League operations.

Makris has already proven he can do about anything in a front office, even paint.

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