FATAL CRASH: Dangerous Curve Claims Life

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Boone County officials were called to a fatal accident west of Boone Thursday morning.

A call came in around 8:30 about a one vehicle rollover accident. It happened at a curvy section of 198th and L Avenue not far from the Kate Shelley High Bridge.  A neighbor said there were four teens in the car.

Officials say 17-year-old Ashley McGrauth was driving eastbound on 198th when she lost control of the vehicle. Seventeen-year-old Bowman Mills was partially ejected from the car and died at the scene. Two other occupants of the car, 16-year-old Tristan Edberg and 15-year-old Michael Hanse, were taken to a local hospital along with McGrauth. Their injuries are considered non-life threatening.

James Darby was inside his home when the accident happened.

"I heard this screeching and then the power went off right after it hit,” says Darby.

Darby said he knew right away it was a serious accident.

“The car flipped and the front of the bumper was smashed into the electric wire and there were three or four ambulances and a fire truck,” says Darby.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office says a 911 call came in from a neighbor saying there had been a rollover.

“The vehicle was on its top and three of the victims had got out and the fourth victim who died in the accident was actually under the vehicle,” says Boone County Deputy Brian Pontius.

Unfortunately, neighbors say this isn't the first time tragedy has struck this area.

“I've had life flight twice in my yard picking up people; they come around this curve way to fast,” says Boone County Resident John Kester.

Kester has lived in his home for 30 years and says year after year people take the curve too fast and end up in his front yard.

“They get scared because they start sliding they hit the brakes and they slide in and come into my ditch or into my fence, I’ve fixed my fence probably ten times, I've put new fence up and post up and usually they have to pay for it but it's still a pain because I do it,” says Kester.

Kester has suggested the county put up a guard rail or extend the black top so loose gravel isn't on the curve causing drivers to slip.

However, nothings been done and Kester says if that continues he fears more accidents will keep happening.

“I felt bad especially about the boy I think they said he was a senior. I don't know if a guard rail or that would have all helped or not I can't say surely it would have done something,” says Kester.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office says the driver, 17-year-old Ashley McGrauth will receive a couple of citations, but those are pending approval from the county attorney.


  • Rebecca Hergert

    That’s too bad!!
    I can see his point the county put up a guard rail, cause I’m sure he is getting tired of fixing his fence.
    I lived in my home in Ogden on the main drag for 18 yrs & they fly through here!!
    And Casey’s is always a mad house, the TRAFFIC!! VETERANS DRIVE!!! KIDS FLYING THROUGH THERE!!

  • Shelby

    If there is anybody reading this and thinking Ashley McGrath it’s stupid your wrong I knew all the people in the accident but now bowman closely but it’s still a shock to know he is fone

  • angie

    Yes lets give her a couple of tickets, because feeling at fault for burying her friend isn’t bad enough lets just pour a little more salt in that wound.

  • ivan

    I didn’t know bowman personally but I was still upset.. I was getting ready to go to lunch when I had found out.. I lost my appetite right away.. Its sickening knowing that some one is gone that you used to know… Ashley is a good person and she does not deserve more than tickets… She already has the burden of bowman

  • Jennel Clarke

    My deepest condolences to Bowmans family and friends. Prayers and love to the other victims.

  • Connie

    I am Ashley’s mom…she appreciates all the thoughts and prayers. She remains hospitalized and doctors will decide surgery and future recovery tomorrow. She is a very strong girl. Boone County needs to fix this road. I can’t believe how many accidents have to happen before they correct it.

    • Ruth

      Prayers to you and Ashley and all involved. Sounds like even experienced drivers have trouble in that area after reading this report. Maybe the curve needs more markings warning ahead or a flashing yellow light. Hope your daughter heals fast both mentally and physically.

  • Matt Fox

    It’s not the county’s fault that people are driving like idiots! Sounds like they were going WAY too fast. Lets take responsibility for our actions instead of blaming others, like the county in this instance.

  • robert

    I thought drivers on a probationary license were only to have one other minor in the car with them. Maybe I am wrong but I believe it is a good idea as I remember how much a distraction a car load of teens are.

  • Kirsten

    I am Ashley’s step-mom. I have been taking care of her since she was 5. Connie took care of Ashley from the age of 6 months to 5 years old. She has a place in her life but she does not speak for our family. Her opinions are her own and not associated with our family.

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