BEHIND BARS: Arrest In Grimes Murder

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A Pleasant Hill man is now in custody, charged with murder in the death of a Grimes man.

Thirty-year-old Justin Michael was found inside a Grimes home early Thursday morning. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says he had been fatally shot.

Thursday night officers arrested 26-year old David Moffitt of Pleasant Hill in the case. He is charged with first degree murder.

Polk County Sheriff’s deputies have not said what led them to Moffitt or what the motive might be.

Moffitt is being held in the Polk County Jail on a bond of $1 million.


    • K. C.

      No, Drugs had NOTHING to do with this. You want something dirty to point the blame at? Point the blame where it belongs, on a low-life dirtbag who deserves the chair for what he did to this man.

  • Jacko

    I personally used to know David pretty well. He was always nice and extremely laid back. Needless to say people from his community are in pure shock from this event as he had never exhibited anything close to this type of behavior. I’m not saying he isn’t guilty (doesn’t look good) but we are all in disbelief. I suppose anyone can snap at anytime. Very sad.

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