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PARVO PROBLEM: Puppy Mill Customer’s Warning

The Humane Society featured it as one of Iowa’s worst puppy mills. Now a former customer is speaking out about her experience with Julie’s Jewels.

Natasha Chinnery says she wanted a Bichon because she wanted a playful puppy. “I remember when I first picked her up she just shook all the time. Like she was scared almost,” said Chinnery.

Chinnery didn’t think anything of it, until she brought 10 week old Evie home. A few days later Chinnery learned Evie had parvo. Untreated it has a high mortality rate, especially for young dogs, which is why her veterinarian told Chinnery to contact the dog breeder Julie’s Jewels in Jewell.

“She was very hostile and very angry. She was very defensive,” said Chinnery.

Chinnery says Julie’s Jewels told her it wasn`t responsible, and that they would quarantine the remaining puppies.

“Honestly, unless they were sold I`m guessing they died. And that`s very sad. Because the vet said it will straight up kill them. And that they were exposed,” said Chinnery.

After spending days in the animal hospital and hundreds of dollars in medical bills Evie’s made a full recovery. “I don`t think I could have picked a better dog,” said Chinnery.

But she says she hopes others looking to buy a puppy do their research first. “I think it`s good that people know the truth and hopefully this will bring at least knowledge about it and if not justice to the fact of what she`s doing. Because I know that they have a lot of other dogs that are obviously being mistreated.”

After failing an earlier inspection, the Iowa Department of Agriculture re-inspected and approved Julie’s Jewels in February. Chinnery bought her dog in March, less than a month later.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture representatives say the dog could have contracted the disease after leaving the puppy mill.


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