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SEARS ROBBERY: Suspect Taunts Police On Facebook

DES MOINES, Ia. — A man wanted in connection with a robbery at a Des Moines Sears store is taunting police on their Facebook page.

Des Moines Police often use Facebook in their investigations.

“We certainly feel that Facebook is a useful tool for us in crime solving,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax.

Last month they posted surveillance footage from the Sears at Southridge Mall.

It shows a man loading up his cart with electronics, taking a few punches on the bag and then sprinting for the door.

“The suspect ultimately leaves the store without paying for the items he`s shown running out, he gets outside and assaults one of the security officers, loss prevention officer, and then flees on foot,” says Sgt. Halifax.

Within a day the Facebook post helped police identify the suspect as 31-year-old Andrew Bolden.  This week a man claiming to be Bolden joined the conversation.

His Facebook post reads, “first of all…i didn’t rob anything. i shoplifted and ran away n security was embarrassed he couldnt stop me so he made up a lie about me beating him up.”

Des Moines Police respond saying, “The charges aren’t going away. If you would like to come in and speak to us about what you did, we would welcome that.”

A warrant is out for Bolden’s arrest, but until police find him, Facebook is their only way of having some kind of contact.

“He`s taunting us a little bit and that`s fine,” says Sgt. Halifax.

Bolden has plenty to say, “now I strive to be public enemy #1….yup, I got nothing to lose but the world to gain…how dangerous am I?  by the way the police forgot to warn the public that i’m a martial arts expert and my iq is quite on the high end, yall ready!!!???”

This is the first time a suspect has reached out to Des Moines police online and they’re hopeful it ends in an arrest.

“Since Facebook has exploded in popularity, we recognize that as a useful tool to get our message out,” says Sgt. Halifax.

Police say Bolden got away on foot but left all the stolen goods behind.

He’s wanted for 2nd degree robbery  and 2nd degree theft for a stolen vehicle that was found running outside the store at the time of the crime.

If you know Boden’s whereabouts call Polk County Crimestoppers at (515) 223-1400.



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