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‘STRATEGIC’ MOVE: Two Dahl’s Stores Closing

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Two Dahl’s grocery stores are closing in what the company calls a strategic business decision.

Dahl’s Foods released a statement Friday morning announcing the closing of the Ankeny and Ames locations. Poor performance of the stores is cited as one of the reasons for the closures.

“This is a strategic business move; one that we feel will help us continue to provide customers in greater Des Moines the best grocery experience possible. And, it’s a smart long-term business direction for Dahl’s and our employee-owners,” says CEO Craig Moore.

The closing dates of the stores have not been set but both stores will stay open until the inventory is sold. About 45 full-time and 80 part-time employees will be affected by the closings but all are being offered jobs at other Dahl’s stores.

The Iowa Grocery Industry Association says local grocery chains like Dahls, Hy-Vee and Fareway are all fighting to make money to stay in business..

"This level of competition does put pressure on retailers. On average, Iowa grocers operate within a one percent profit margin," – IGIA President Michelle Hurd explained.

Dahl’s plans to sell both closed locations.


  • John

    I stopped going to Dahls 10 years ago. Fairway has better prices and Meat and Hy Vee has better services. There is not the same level of service compared to the other 2 chains. Why pay more for less?

  • NotJohn

    Its a grocery store. Where you go and shop for your own food. What do you need service for?

  • Doreen Sawyer

    Dahls advertised that if you brought in a ticket stub from an Iowa Energy game you could get two sides free with a purchase of chicken or ribs from the deli. I went to the Euclid Ave location in Des Moines to get the dinner offer only to be told “the deal ended last Tuesday”. The Energy were still in there regular season of playing, and at the next game the deal was still being announced. I didn’t purchase from the deli that day, and I won’t be shopping at Dahls again.

  • 7southnursesrock

    I like Dahl’s for different needs and have always been a patron
    , I think you didn’t advertise enough ,the store here in Ankeny didn’t there signage up for new ad until late in the day and old ad still up. Any store I worked at old ad’s were pulled on Sunday night and new ad were put up. But all and all I loved Dahl sorry to see them leave Ankeny.

  • joecolorado

    Dahl’s has not had any real leadership since its founder passed away–almost ten years ago!!! Meanwhile Hy-Vee, Aldi and Fareway have been making inroads as have discount chains such as Target and Walmart and specialty grocery stores such as Whole Foods. Moreover, development was taking place around the Jordan Creek Town Center area and now appears to be headed towards Norwalk (with the proposed Microsoft data center). Those generate housing, which means retail and grocery. Hy-Vee has taken note. Trader Joe’s has taken note. Aldi’s has taken note. Fareway has taken note. Where was Dahl’s?

  • Eddie Mac

    Not surprising. I used to love Dahl’s hometown feel. But lately their customer service counter is awful. You cant get money orders any more. Their bakery has went downhill. They used to have the best bakery goods, but anymore its like they dont even try. They only make a fourth of the donuts they used to, and whomever is making them is bad at it. Too much junk and trash just laying around the managers office inside of the store especially at the east side location. They need to be finding reasons to bring in people rather than giving people a reason to never come in again. They need some serious ingenuity to bring people in the store even if its not to buy something… cause once they are there they likely will buy something. Take a queue from Caseys , theyve found other markets to bring people into the store making pastas, pizza, fresh subs… they need to get on board and start being more creative otherwise the whole chain will collapse within a couple of years. Too bad… I used to really like Dahls, but they just arent keeping up with the competition.

  • Willis

    We like it in Ames . They carry a vast array of unique items and offer friendly helpful service .. We’ll miss all the organic and speciality items Dahls provided .. Hopefully someone picks up the slack…

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