CYCLONE FOOTBALL: George’s dream becomes reality

NEW YORK - Iowa State did not have a banner football season last year, just 3-9.  That was in no fault of linebacker Jeremiah George.  George led the Big 12 in tackles.

Saturday the All-Big 12 linebacker was drafted by the New York Jets in the 5th round, pick number 154 overall.

George was the only Cyclone player drafted in the NFL Draft.  Safety Deon Broomfield signed a free agent contract with the Buffalo Bills, and Tight End Ernst Brun gets a tryout invite with the Raiders.

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  • Too Much Cheerleading?

    To much surprise and too much hullabaloo, Heisman winner Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel had to wait until the 22nd pick to be drafted by the Browns in the 1st round.

    Two of his teammates were picked before him. The scrappiest player, but his cheerleading style pushing teammates would not play well in the NFL.

    College teammates must play along, but NFL players will tell him to go fly a kite. The biggest unspoken reason why 21 college players were drafted before him.

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