SHOOTING VICTIM: Church Holds ‘Peace Rally’

Saturday, the Revival Center Church in Des Moines held a peace rally and fundraiser for a 19 – year – old woman shot and killed. Ameisha Heard died earlier this week the Oakridge neighborhood. Heard’s death is the third homicide of the year and community members feel they’re not doing enough to stop the violence.

“For us to just sit here and let it happen were just as responsible for her death as the person who pulled the trigger because we`re not doing anything,” says Coy Bundy.

Coy Bundy, leader of the organization “Citizens Immersed for Triumphant Youth,” encouraged a group at revival church to stop the cycle of violence.

Other members of the community also rallied to prevent crime and get young people off the streets. Some plan to petition for a citywide curfew for people under certain age help avoid the crime that is happening at late at night.

Des Moines police have responded to 13 shots fired calls this year. At this time last year, police responded to 10 calls.


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