BAR FIGHT: Man Allegedly Hit With Bottle

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Witnesses say a fight at a Des Moines bar ended after the owner smashed a bottle over a man’s head.

It happened at Misfit’s Pub and Grub at 607 Southeast 30th Street early Sunday morning.

Police found the staff had locked themselves inside the bar with customers outside. They also found a man with deep cuts on his forehead.

Witnesses told police they don’t know how the fight started but they say they saw the owner smash a bottle over the man’s head.

The bar’s staff disputes that.


  • anonymous

    This is not an accurate account of what happened. We had just arrived to the bar moments before the incident. The bar owner was in the back of the bar dropping food into what looked like a fryer when the glass started being smashed he came to the front. The staff and others were just trying to clear the bar.

  • Anonymous2

    Your wrong! If you don’t know what happened don’t post stupid things.
    The owner is the one who hit him. If I seen you I could even tell you if you were there or not. I’m guessing your a friend who’s trying to stick up for him. We’ll remember there were a lot of witnesses that seen this incident happened.

  • justmoredrunks

    Just another fine example of your typical east/south side border bar. Bar owner with too much ego and treating a place of business like his personal man cave instead of a businessman with a nice establishment.

  • Concerned 515

    This little rat box of a place should of been closed & demolished years ago!!! Nope dumb des moines keeps letting people reopen & operate these troubled So Called establishment’s” Hopefully ones of these day The city well start trying to clean the area up some…….

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