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CLEANUP BEGINS: Tornado Devastates Panora Condos

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About eight condos and five homes suffered significant damage at Lake Panorama during severe storms Sunday night.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.

The EF2 tornado took a very narrow path just east of Lake Panorama tearing off roofs and ripping apart several homes on Lonna Drive.

The homes are seasonal and many people had left for the weekend.

"If you need a seat, one of our lawn chairs is right over there,” Mary June Jackson joked as she surveyed the damage.

It's hard to imagine anyone having a positive attitude and sharing a few laughs just hours after having their home gutted by a storm.

"We have a lot more natural light, as you can see,” Jackson added pointing to where the roof once was.

She had planned on spending the weekend at her lake house but with storms in the forecast thought better of it.

If she had stayed in Panora, she's not sure she would have lived to tell about it.

"The bathroom is the only place I could think of. Had we been here, that's where we would have gone. That’s obviously not a good place."

It was heavily damaged.

Like her neighbors, Mary has a lot to clean-up.

Debris from homes just east of the lake has been found hundreds of yards away. The neighboring golf course now has a few extra hazards.

"We have lots of branches on greens. Holes 11 through 15 have been changed forever. A lot of trees are gone,” Jon Dinnebier said.

Dinnebar hopes to get people back on the front nine by Tuesday but it could be a week before anyone plays the back-side.

The clean-up will be a much longer process for home-owners whose homes are barely recognizable.