GUN SCARE: Basketball Tourney Moved

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The Polk County Sheriff’s Office confirms it’s looking into a claim someone pulled out a gun at a kids’ basketball tournament.

The incident allegedly happened Friday night at the Kings of Court basketball tournament in Polk City. A staff member at North Polk high school claims that a person pulled the gun from a duffle bag.

Law enforcement is investigating whether the person was student or an athlete and whether the report is legitimate.

North Polk High School did not take the report lightly. The school stopped tournament games, meaning the 270 teams had to rush to find new places to play

“It was a hassle to move around teams at the very last minute. We were notified Saturday morning during the middle of one of the games that was going on at North Polk,” says Jake Sullivan, president of Kingdom Hoops.

Organizers say the incident has caused them to rethink tournament security.