STATEHOUSE GUNS: ‘Capitol Is Very Safe’


Governor Branstad says he disagrees with the reason two Iowa lawmakers are often armed while working at the statehouse.

State Senators Brad Zaun and Joni Ernst both have conceal-carry permits and both say they’ve taken their gun to work with them.

The statehouse has signs that clearly state a no-gun policy.

Zaun says his decision to carry a gun is in part because of lax security at the statehouse.

Governor Branstad disagrees.

“I believe the Capitol is very safe and I think that the Department of Public Safety does a great job of securing the Capitol,” Gov. Branstad said.

As part of the executive branch, Governor Branstad says it isn’t his role to dictate weapons policy to the legislative branch.

Branstad also says after becoming governor he had the metal detectors removed from the Terrace Hill governor’s mansion.


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