STORM DAMAGE: Lake Panorama Area Hit

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The Lake Panorama area was hit by severe storms Sunday night. Several homes were damaged by a suspected tornado.

The damage seems to follow a straight line path, impacting homes and buildings on the west and east sides of the lake.  Some condos on the lake appear to have taken a direct hit. Only one person was in the condos when they were hit. No one was hurt.

PHOTO GALLERY: Sunday's Severe Storms

"Yeah the day of the week is the big thing for us.  Sunday night a lot of folks who have these as weekend places have gone home.  It could have been a lot worse if it was a Friday or Saturday night,” says John Rutledge with the Lake Panorama Association.

A team from the National Weather Service is expected to come out Monday to determine whether a tornado is to blame for the damage.  Meanwhile, residents are beginning the long chore of cleaning up the storm’s mess.

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