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STORM SAFETY: Traveling During Severe Weather

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When severe weather is moving into your area, it is best to stay where you are until the storms pass. Being on the roads is never a good idea in extreme weather conditions.

Here are few tips to help you stay safe:

  • Always check the radar before leaving your location. If there are severe storms or storms producing tornadoes headed your way, stay where you are until the storms pass. You can easily see the current radar by using the 13 Warn Me app on your smart phone.
  • If a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is issued for the area you are in while traveling, pull up to a local business or home to get inside to safety. Go to an interior room on the ground floor or basement and take cover until the storm has passed.
  • If you see a tornado while you are driving in your car, turn your car so that you are driving in the opposite direction that the tornado is moving. Tornadoes often move in a southwest to northeast direction. Many times, the best direction to drive is to the southwest. There are exceptions to this. You may need to watch out for other storms that are in the area.
  • A last ditch safety measure is to get in a ditch. Stop your car and lie down in a ditch or low spot. This hopefully keeps most flying debris over you. There is one other concern while taking cover in this way: flash flooding. Ditches may fill up with water due to the heavy rain that is falling from the storm.


You can always watch the 13 Warn Me app from your smart phone while away from your TV and computer to make sure you are in a safe area.