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AGRIBUSINESS: Crop Progress Out, Iowa Farmers Busy

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For the week ending May 11, the weather was beautiful and Iowa farmers took advantage of the nearly 5 days suitable for field work.

According to USDA's Crop Progress Report, about half of Iowa's corn crop was put in the ground, which is about 7 million acres, going up from 23 percent planted the week before to 70 percent and is right on track with the five year average. Last year at that time only 14 percent of the corn crop was in the ground.

And out of the top five corn producers, Iowa is third in planting progress this year, behind Nebraska with 77 percent corn planted and Illinois with 78 percent. Behind Iowa, is Indiana with 61 percent planted and Minnesota with only 31 percent. Together, these five states produced almost 60 percent of last years corn crop.

Iowa Soybeans also saw a jump in planting, from 1 percent the week before to 20 percent. Down from the five year average of 25 percent.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    Yesterday, I encountered a new supersized tractor on a paved county road, it was so wide it blocked both lanes shoulder to shoulder, the idiot actually expected people to turn around so he could keep going. I was tempted to park my Jeep on the shoulder and continue on my bike and make him drive a couple miles in reverse.

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