CLIMATE CHANGE: Task Force To Meet Wednesday

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A presidential task force is calling upon local leaders for suggestions on how to address climate change.

Local environmental experts gave presentations Tuesday at the World Food Prize on issues including water quality, wind energy, and disaster preparedness.

The group also prepared a list of suggestions that will be given to the White House task force at a meeting Wednesday

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie says Iowans will help federal leaders find ways to help cities better prepare for droughts, floods, and storms that could plague the Midwest.

"It's all of us working together. It's urban, suburban, and rural coming up with a plan to protect Iowa and the economy, whether it’s agriculture or businesses for the future of the state,” said Cownie.

The presidential task force on climate change is made up of eight governors and 14 mayors nationwide.

Mayor Cownie was appointed to the committee in November.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    This so-called man made climate change ‘crisis’ is one of two of the biggest hoaxes being hoisted on the American public. The other being the ‘war’ on women. It’s shocking to see the amount of citizens buying into this stuff.

    • gimmieabreak

      it’s not so much the people are buying into it as it is the leaders shoving it down our throat.
      – a hefty climate change tax & wealth distribution will save the world.

      “we must burn more food for fuel” – Chuck Greasy

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