CHASE ARREST: Man ‘Throws Drugs Out Of Car’

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A Des Moines woman had a police chase come to an end in her front yard Tuesday evening.

The pursuit started when police say a driver refused to pull over along East 17th Street.

Officers say the suspect tossed drugs out of the car during the chase and finally came to a stop near East 21st and Guthrie. From there the suspect still wasn't ready to give up.

“I see a gentleman decides to jump out of his car and we make eye contact and I’m just like instantly freeze, I don't know which way to go and he hesitates and then runs through the yard over here,” witness Ciera Walker recounted.

Walker was playing with her daughter in the front yard and watched police make the arrest.

The suspect, 26-year-old Anthony Johnson, is charged with drug possession, driving while barred and eluding.