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GOING PUBLIC: Supporters Start Coming Out

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Iowa’s closely watched U.S. Senate primary race keeps getting more attention. Tuesday, State Senator Joni Ernst announced the backing of two high-profile national groups, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association. The groups have thousands of members nationwide and access to large amounts of resources.

The chamber’s endorsement comes at the expense of other candidates, but, perhaps, most significantly as a blow to Mark Jacobs. Jacobs, the former CEO of Reliant Energy, campaigns on his business background.

Sioux City radio talk show host Sam Clovis came out with another announcement of his own. Social conservative activist and head of the Family Leader, Bob Vander Plaats, announced his endorsement. That follows talk show host Steve Deace’s public backing of Clovis yesterday.

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  • John

    Who cares, everyone of the candidates from both parties are not qualified nor anyone I would vote for. I left the NRA years ago just to stop getting their e-mails and mailings on who they think I should vote for. I certainly would not vote for anyone the “great family leader” would endorse. Bob Vander Plaats is one step removed from other great cult leaders I will not name. Peolpe like him is the reason my voter ID card says “independent”.

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