HERO HONORED: Medal of Honor Awarded

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President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to a former Army sergeant Tuesday. He saved several lives including an Iowan’s.

The president presented the medal to former Army Sergeant Kyle White. The 27-year-old was recognized for his bravery in November of 2007 when he served as a platoon radio operator.

He saved the lives of fellow soldiers under fire even though he had been injured by a grenade. Among those he saved was former Specialist Kain Schilling of Cedar Rapids.

White is the seventh living recipient of the medal for service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

“The Medal of Honor is said to be the nation's highest award for valor by one individual. To me it is much more. It’s a representation of the responsibly we accept as warriors and members of a team,” Sergeant White said.

White retired from the army in 2011 and now works as an investment analyst in Charlotte, North Carolina.