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STUDENT SAFETY: Rep. Braley Pushing Federal School Bus Bill

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Representative Bruce Braley visited the metro Tuesday pushing for federal legislation that would overhaul school bus safety.

The bill has five parts. The first is named after an Iowa girl who died after being hit by a driver who failed to stop for her school bus. It pushes for steeper penalties for drivers who pass stopped school buses. Some states, including Iowa already have a similar law.

The bill would also create grants to pay for motion detectors that would detect movement on the outside of buses.

The third part would require all states to perform background checks on school bus drivers, which Iowa already does.

“The states that don’t have that requirement allow commercial truck drivers who have to get that background check in order to get a commercial driver’s license but not to haul our most precious cargo which is our children,” Rep. Bruce Braley said.

The fourth part of the proposed legislation calls for additional funding to put seat belts on buses.

The final part would require federal officials to studying technology, like new lighting, that would help make buses more noticeable.