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TORNADO DAMAGE: ‘We Wouldn’t Have Made It’

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Recovery and cleanup efforts are underway after three tornadoes touched down within 15 miles of Panora Sunday night.

Taking a look at the damage in her condo, Chris Harlan says it's a good thing she wasn't here when the tornado hit.

“This is the bathroom. So this would be one of the safe places to be during a storm. How safe does it look to you? Not very," Harlan said point out the debris.

The living room is gone. One of the bay windows that were here is now imbedded in the wall. However, some things like a picture weren't touched. The liquor cabinet and all the glasses in it were spared.

"They were in here. In fact that's how I saw that this was our place. Was when I saw the TV news, it showed all these glasses here, they were all up here. And there was a couple things of vodka and Canadian Club all sitting there, just pristine. Not even touched."

As Harlan cleans up this week and tries to salvage whatever she can, she knows she's lucky she wasn't sleeping in her bed on Mother’s Day.

"I don't think we would have made it."

The National Weather Service says two tornadoes, an EF-1 and an EF-2, touched over Lake Panorama Sunday evening. A third followed a path northeast from near Dallas Center.