WEEKLY WORKOUT: Laser Tag On Steroids

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You've heard of laser tag.  Well this is laser tag on steroids - and you'll work up a sweat playing it.

CMP Tactical Laser wants the experience to be as realistic as possible.  So, the company uses simulated weaponry made of aircraft grade aluminum and the games are objective based.

"So you're diffusing a bomb, you're playing with domination cubes," said CMP co-owner, Aaron Coy.

One of the games is called "King Of The Hill."  Our gaming master, Nick Markey explained how it's played.

"Your job in this game is to get to the center of the arena and take control of it for your team," said Markey, pointing to two, lit cubes.

All of that, while trying not to get killed.  A contraption worn on the head lights up bright red when you're dead.  You'll also hear "man down, man down," echo through the course.

But thanks to what's called "re-spawning," you get unlimited lives.

"You simply go up to a spawn box on the wall, put your head near it and you're 100-percent back in the game," Markey explained.

Andreu Wiltse is hooked on the game - and he'd rather play it than go to the gym.

"It's a bit of a workout," said Wiltse.  "It's very physical."