ATTEMPTED ABDUCTION: Madrid Police Investigate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Madrid Police Department is releasing information about an attempted abduction that happened Wednesday.

Police say it happened in the 500 Block of West North Street around 3:50 p.m. A six-year-old girl and her four-year-old brother were playing in the family’s yard when two male teens came from behind some trees on the edge of the property.

One of the teens allegedly made physical contact the boy and yelled “Boo” then ran away when the girl started screaming. Police say the other teen ran in the opposite direction.

The children told their mother what happened and she called police.

A witness told police he did see an older teen running from the area around the time of the incident. He was described as a white male, five-foot-ten, with brown hair. He was wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt, and dark-colored shorts.

Police have not released any further information but are asking the public to contact them if they know something about the case.

Parents are urged to talk to their children about the threat of stranger danger and how to react in a scary situation.


  • Troy V

    This doesn’t sound like an abduction attempt to me. Sounds like two idiot teenagers trying to get a couple of kids to be scared and an over-reaction by the police to call it an “abduction attempt”.

    • Elizabeth

      I am the mother of the children Troy and when someone physically picks up my son and my children have to scream and kick to be set loose… well I would say right there that crossed the line!

      • HonestAbe

        Story seems to be changing quite a bit. Didn’t you post on FB last night that the person got out of a car and asked them to pet their dog?

      • Elizabeth

        I do not use a facebook account and the police say there has only been one incident reported so NO- I did not say that and we know nothing about a car. They were on foot. So Thank you, I can see you’re concerned – Might want to check your sources.

      • Just Hyped Up?

        Why are you saying you do not have a FB account? I am looking at your post right now. Obviously you are using an alias, which I get, but why lie about this?
        What else are you not saying?

      • Elizabeth

        I saw it too and talked to her, she has not yet called the police! I just talked to him myself and he is going to question her now as to why she put her incident on facebook but hasn’t told them yet. And yes, posting on FB and not calling the police upsets me but it WAS NOT ME and the police are aware now of her post. You will see. Sry people I don’t use facebook. anything else to say to minimize and discredit this?? Bring it! I take great offense to people picking up my kids! and am proud of it!

  • BrutallyHonest

    I also agree with Troy. Teenage kids being dumb trying to have fun. The story never indicates that a child was picked up, the teen simply came out from behind the bushes and said “boo” and scared them. Overraction!

  • Jay O

    This is also coming from a perspective a kid who just had a joke played on him and a mother reacting. This is not a “nice” act but, big overreaction. This stuff probably happens frequently.

  • Just Hyped Up?

    It seems that maybe this had been blown out of proportion – I completely 100% agree that we have to teach out kids about stranger danger, but I did see the moms facebook post (yes, she has one – why lie about it) and the story did change a bit.
    There was another mom that had posted about her kids being stopped by a man in a car about a dog – that sounds more like an attempted abduction, but the guy never asked the kids to get in the car.
    If it were teenage kids, maybe this will teach them a lesson about playing tricks on kids and/or scaring them after seeing all of the press on this and it became a attemted abduction.

    • Cheree

      Just Hyped Up, the name of the mother with the Facebook post about a man asking children if they wanted to pet his dog was Jessica. Learn to read and don’t be judgemental. No stranger, adult or “dumb teen”, has the right to enter your property and lay hands on your child. The problem is not going to go away if the “I was just joking” mentality is allowed as a defense for criminal acts. Even if it was “dumb teens” as you assume, it is an act of bullying young children that should not be ignored. Working as a special education associate in a high school, I am scared that we are creating a generation of soon to be adults who are blameless because they are not being held accountable for careless and thoughtless behavior. Stop the cycle.

  • Madridmom

    We support you 100%, Elizabeth! Watch the news for 2 minutes on almost any random night…not the national news, the local news, and you will see that there is warranted concern when somebody grabs ahold of your child and they have to kick and scream to get away. It doesn’t matter if it was just a couple of teenagers playing a prank or not, the mother did not know this at the time. As a parent, living in the day and age we live in now, you must always be watching, sad, but true. The mother– absolutely– did the right thing!

  • calmdown

    Elizabeth never said there was a car involved… In fact that was another lady(a completely different family) who said that a car pulled up beside her kids in front of their house and told them they could pet their dog…. This had nothing to do with Elizabeth! I grant you all of this happened to your kids you’d react the same… Just glad the kids are OK! Very cruel and poor joke on these teens part! Shame on them.

  • Lance

    There is a lot to this story that isn’t being said. After seeing the media’s coverage more people are coming forward. At time these two “teens” had a puppy trying to get other kids to follow them. I wish they would update this. There is a reason everyone is calling it an abduction attempt.

  • Jay O

    Yes, its growing more confusing. I’ve also heard the puppy story so maybe its two different stories.

  • Jay O

    I would say an abduction attempt is when the kid is lured or tried to have been grabbed and taken. I teen grabbing a kid and saying “boo” is just a cruel joke.

  • Lance

    It seems all the stories are describing the same people tho. I find it all odd! My other question is why did they wait until today to release the info?

  • Michael

    I cant believe how many people believe every word a news agency writes as gospel, but you people wont believe the people who were involved and witnesses this terrible act . Shame on those who are now criticizing Elizabeth. you weren’t there…..Karen,Jayo,brutally honest,Troy,michelle,miller,baabwawawa,honest abe.

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