CAUCUS CLASS: Iowa State Offers Online Learning

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If you are curious about the Iowa Caucus process, there’s a new way to learn about it.

Iowa State University is offering its first Massive Open Online Course on the topic. It’s a relatively new concept that offers course materials and information to a large number of people.

Steffen Schmidt is the professor for the class. He’s analyzed every presidential caucus for the past 40-years.

“The Iowa Caucuses are one of the most important events in the presidential election process,” Schmidt says. “Iowa is small enough and not very expensive, so unknown and underfunded candidates have a chance to get on the radar screen and make a case for themselves.”

You don’t have to be an Iowa State student to participate and the class is free. No college credit is being offered, but if you earn above 70-percent in the course you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

The class begins in September of 2015 before the caucuses in early 2016.