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LUNCH LINE: School ‘On Wrong Side Of Street’

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About half of the students enrolled in a seven-week summer program in Nevada are not eligible for free lunches because their school is on the wrong side of the street.

The USDA reimburses summer programs based on census data of poverty lines. But in Nevada, the poverty line is drawn right in front of Central Elementary School. While many of the 235-students enrolled for the summer program are eligible for free lunches, the program will only be reimbursed for about half.

"Yes, right down the middle of the street," Jean Kresse with the United Way of Story County confirmed. "So if we were on the other side of the street we could not have an open site, which means every child that comes through the program we would be reimbursed for the meal that is served."

Program organizers considered serving the children lunch at a church across the street, but decided it would be too dangerous and time consuming to move all 235-children and their lunches.

"We really need to look at those rural communities like Nevada to see what options are available. And the fact that we're doing more than just feed the children has to account for something," Kresse said. "It shouldn't be so hard."

Organizers are hoping residents step up to cover the additional $16,000 it will cost to feed the children.



    Really hate to post this but why is society ( us!) expected to feed children? Isn’t that the parents job????

  • Justice

    We couldn’t afford a pot to poop in when we were raising our 3 kids. However, there were no free lunches so we paid for them ourselves. What is the big deal now? Ooooh yeah… Entitlements!!!

  • Justice

    When we raised our 3 kids we couldn’t afford a pot to p00p in. However, we paid for our kids lunches with our own money. There was no freebies back then. Why is it that people feel so ‘entitled’ to taxpayers paying their way now?

  • Brittany

    I am with the other two comments…..I don’t feel bad for the kids or the school. a sandwich and a water doesn’t cost much at all. certainly not $16k.

  • JimmyP

    When you have liberal social services and liberal school officials telling single welfare moms its OK to send their feral kids there to eat for free this is what you get.
    At same time these chubby kids will eat 3 squares a day and then plop their gelatinous fat bodies in front of a 60″ wide LCD TV all day playing on their new Nintendo.

  • Fred Ver Schuure

    I have NEVER seen a time that I agree with all the first comments. Oh wait, I bet “William can’t tell” the truth if it bites him in his a** will set us straight with his Bama likings!

  • Jess

    Ok, here I come, Devil’s Advocate. For some kids, they hate to see the school year end because their school lunch is the only good meal they get all day.

    Should it be the parents’ responsibility to feed them…of course.
    But, if the parent shirks their duties, should the kids be the ones to suffer?

    Our society desperately needs welfare reform. Welfare was a great idea, and still can be, if used properly. It is for that family that is down on their luck for whatever reason. It is a chance to get back on your feet. Unfortunately, we’ve allowed it to become a way of life. You have families now that have been living off of the government for generations. That needs to stop.

    Personally, I don’t think welfare should ever be given in the form of actual dollars. The money should go directly to the utility companies and your landlord to pay your living expenses. If you need help with food, you should be given vouchers that can only be redeemed at specified food banks that are set up just for these instances Only ‘good choice’ foods would be available. how much, and what, you got would depend on the number in your family, and the ages. No going into Hy-Vee or Dahls, the most expensive stores in town, and buying soda pop.

    I believe if you are female and are getting government money, you should have to go in and get the birth control shots in order to keep getting your check. If you are not able to support yourself and the family you have, you shouldn’t be having more babies.

    Ok, attack me!

    • Brian

      Agree with you wholeheartedly. It is a cycle that perpetuates itself because kids born into the welfare system are extremely likely to stay in it as adults.

    • OHMY

      Very well written and stated Jess. I agree wholeheartly. Unfortunately, the devil is in the details on HOW to get real change in the system.

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