JOB CUTS: DuPont Pioneer Plans Layoffs

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DuPont Pioneer is closing a southeastern Iowa facility impacting dozens of jobs in an effort to “further align talent and technology with highest potential initiatives.”

Company spokesperson Jane Slusark says there will be a slight level of employee reductions. She said the cuts are company-wide and not limited to Iowa locations.

Channel 13 has learned that 56-employees are being laid off because their facility on North Harvey Road in Mount Pleasant is permanently closing.

They will remain on the payroll until mid-July.

According to Slusark, the company’s sales doubled from 2008-2013 and the recent actions will “further position the business for growth.”

In 2012 the Iowa Economic Development Authority approved more than $4 million in tax cuts for Pioneer to expand its Johnston site. The project was slated to create 100 new jobs and cost $50 million.


  • Aaron

    With all the money they save they can then hire “temps” to do the same work as those laid off and only pay them ~1/3 of what they previously paid.

  • TypicalCompany BS

    So the question is will the tax breaks be reduced based on the number of layoffs in Johnston. I say if the number is 50 people they lose half of the damn tax breaks. If it is 100 they lose it all.

  • Wallace Weeps

    As for the comment in the article about new jobs being created, the gains are most likely the result of shuffling employees to new facilities, not the creation of meaningful new positions. It’s just another propaganda tactic from big business to show the public they care. Meanwhile, prepare for more closings and more layoffs.

  • Andrea

    They’re letting people go from overstaffed departments and hiring in others. Just depends what you do, especially when employees are sitting around literally with nothing to do because of funding cuts. People above are simply making reckless assumptions with no facts.

  • james

    Congratulations Terry Gartner..and Captain Paul. First step in the right direction in years. Let the job shedding begin. Finally realizing ur a Monsanto reseller now. Way overstaffed company and very wasteful.

  • Kamandak

    If WHOTV would have reached out to anyone in Mt. Pleasant they would have discovered that the Mt. Pleasant employees went to work earlier this week only to discover the lights off and the doors locked. Absolutely no notice, so I’m rather suspicious about their claim to keep everyone on payroll until July.

  • Joe

    so you created 100 new jobs but laid off 56 with more layoffs in other areas..i thought you would be a bit smarter than that. Math skills 101

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